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WENN Gilbert Arenas and Laura Govan

Gilbert Arenas & Laura Govan’s Child Support Fight Laid Bare

A judge who agreed to lower Gilbert Arenas’ monthly child support to baby mama Laura Govan found that neither one had fully disclosed exactly how much money they made.

LA Family Court Judge Mark A. Juhas, who presided over Arenas’ motion to lower his child support to Govan, found that Govan’s income and expense statements to the court were “not reliable,” and in actuality, she’d made $40,000 from the reality show “The Next Fifteen,” $500 a month from the website “Shop In Real Life,” $9,000 for promoting “Flat Tummy Tea,” and $500 for “showing her face” on social media, according to court docs obtained by BOSSIP.

The judge agreed with Arenas to lower his monthly child support from a reported $20,000 a month to $7,198 after he said his $719,000 a month income went down to zero when he lost his NBA contract. The judge also decided not to compute Arenas’ income from real estate sales and rentals.

However, the judge also ruled not to make the new child support amount retroactive to when Arenas filed for the modification in Oct. 2016, deciding that Arenas’ financial docs for the court “were not full and complete, nor fully accurate.”

“It is the respondent’s burden to demonstrate a change in circumstances and completely show what his actual income is,” the judge’s ruling read.“Respondent cannot fail to disclose his income and receive full retroactivity.”

Govan and Arenas’ child support battle was laid bare in court docs that were submitted as part of Arenas’ defamation suit against the mother of his four kids. Govan appeared in court Sept. 13 for a hearing on exactly how much money she has in order to pay a $110,000 judgment to Arenas after he won a case that accused her of leaking false info to a blog alleging that Arenas infected her with STDs.

Govan also has to pay to send the kids to private school, a cost that Arenas had previously paid, according to court docs. The judge said it was “inappropriate” for Arenas to keep paying the kids tuition on his own, and Govan had a responsibility to support their kids outside of child support, like getting a job.

We reached out to attorneys for both Arenas and Govan for comment.


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