You’ll Never Guess Who Lil Wayne’s New Piece is…

- By Bossip Staff

Bossip has learned that Weezy is continuing his mission to fu*k every girl in the world and has since moved on from Nivea and Lauren to a new side piece.

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We hear that Lil Wayne has been getting it in with video model Zena Foster. Zena Foster is also the baby mother of Tank’s daughter Zoey, who we are sure wouldn’t approve of this union.  Lil Wayne hasn’t knocked Zena up yet but we are sure he’s in the process. We reached out to Zena’s management but of course they have yet to respond…

We wonder why??? In any event, Zena has been commenting about some guy on her Twitter Page and had a recent tweet to Wayne.  It could just be a coincidence but knowing Wayne’s mission to sow his royal oats… We’re sure it’s not.

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  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!


  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    WOW…so he really is sowing his royal oats!

  • Rihanna's sharp n pointy witchy fingernails took the oath

    no morals…

  • Keep It Easy

    Money will make a heffa to some strange things for some change. Wanye is way be yond ugly he’s Strugly.

  • tb

    She’ll be preggers in the next month. That little ugly roddent is very potent.

    • N I N A


  • Fk

    no word!!!!

  • Fk

    @keep it easy..
    lol, pls define strugly to me

  • Fk

    @slopy seconds are for losers..

    i agree

  • Lady J

    remember eazy-e I think his mission was to f*** every girl in the world before lil wayne rapped about it!! and you see where he is now “6 feet under”, and why!!!

  • Lolababy

    Lmao strugly is that straight up ugly?

  • drenk

    i cant wait til all his baby mothers unite to pillage his bank account and leave him broke

  • Alrighty Then...

    Well, Weezy has got good taste… Besides Nivea, he’s baggin’ dimes all day (in the looks dept), but it seems like all of their heads are as empty as balloons…

    oh well, Weezy – you sing about being “always strapped”, so take your own advice. You don’t want that “I’m late text” (again…)

  • MissBr0nx

    Any woman that gets involved with this man is truly a fool and deserve whatever comes along with it! I guess these women don’t realize that even though he’s rich, the more babies he has the last child support you’re gonna get! That money can only be stretched so far. I can’t believe these dumb women. They don’t have any self respect. If they loved themselves at all, they would not get involved with a man who has 4 baby mamas!

    • Q

      women dont love themselves, they only love ballers, get with the times.

  • Jade Silver (24/09/2009 - Heritage Day)

    Another one bites the dust.

  • Miss B

    He banging dimes cuz they want that money & fame!!!

    All these rappers seem to be living out their music. I have a feeling Wayne will end up with somethig he can’t cure or kill off with money.

  • MissBr0nx

    excuse my typo…I meant to say the less child support they are going to get…lol

  • Allison Mae

    So is no one scared of AIDS, HIV, Herpes, HPV, etc anymore??? I could have swore those were uncurable???

  • noelle

    While we are away, the little Carter’s will be here running the states..

  • Cynthia

    Choose one…Lil Homie- Choose one

  • Khristal

    I am in awe…man must be real good at what he does behind closed doors LMAO

  • 6 Figgas

    As long as this li’l gremlin understands that NONE of this premium p*ssy would be available to him sans the cash…

  • mai2cents

    “baby mother of Tank’s daughter Zoey” <— does that make any kinda sense lol

  • Miss Kesha86

    I wonder how long it’ll be til she’s pregnant with his child.

  • I only come to Bossip to read "6am" Comments

    Seriously!?!!? Question for the ladies have you wonder what these dudes have that get these women sprung open? Lil Wayne, JD? Is it the tongue? LOL, LOL

  • Miss Kesha86


    “baby mother of Tank’s daughter Zoey” <— does that make any kinda sense lol

    Oh yeah. I knew I remembered her from being another celebrity's baby mama.

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