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Trap Beckham Talks “Lil Booties” And Bringing Back Bass Music

26-year-old Jacksonville, FL rapper Trap Beckham caught our attention a while back, thanks largely to the success of his hit “Birthday Chick” and the song’s placement on the first season of “Insecure”, he’s since been making a splash with his current single “Lil Booties Matter,” which he just dropped visuals for today.

What did you think of the video?

We spoke to Trap recently about his newfound success and asked him about his influences and which famous “lil booties” matter most to him. Check out our Q&A below.

BOSSIP: So how old were you when you started rapping?

Trap Beckham: 8 years old

B: So you always wanted to do music?

TB: Yea, I always knew that’s what I wanted to do. When I was 12 I got a tape recorder for my birthday and since then I was just making songs.

B: Do you also produce or just primarily write?

TB: I do produce as well, I produced “Birthday Chick” and “Lil Booties Matter” initially then I got other people to add the texture to it.

B: So you’re used to working with other people?

TB: I like working with other people just cus two brains are better than one.

B: What’s it like being a new artist on the road?

TB: Now it’s a lot easier than last year with “Birthday Chick” coming out and trying to win people over. Now they know that song so it’s way easier now that we’re pushing “Lil Booties Matter,” they are accepting it because they’re like “Oh that’s lil bro who sing the Birthday Chick song.” Or even in towns that don’t know me when I come out with that song, it’s easier because right now it’s hard to put my face with the name.

B: Of course, do you still get nervous before performing?

T: Sometimes depending on the performance and the situation, if I’m in the club drinking then, no. I’ll just go up there and have fun. If it’s like the middle of the day and I’m sober and there’s 5,000 people out there it’s like I know I gotta pipe up.

Hit the flip to watch Trap talk about growing up in Jacksonville and how his family has influenced him, as well as for the second part of our interview where he talks about why “Lil Booties Matter”



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