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DJ Kitti Jones Speaks Further On Alleged R. Kelly Coercion & Abuse

After already making shocking allegations in Rolling Stone against R. Kelly, DJ Kitti Jones is speaking out once again.

The former radio host who quit her radio job in 2011 to live with him in Chicago and alleges that he physically assaulted her, starved her and forced her to have sex with other women, recently chatted with Veda Loca of 97.9 The Beat Dallas.

Kitti, who used to work for The Beat before running off with Kellz, told her old coworker that during her first private encounter with Kellz he allegedly masturbated while she modeled for him and she found it “bizarre” but shook it off.

“It was bizarre—it [sexting] lead up to a lot and I felt comfortable with him and he trusts me to even send me these type of pictures, to send me these types of photos. It was bizarre but it wasn’t abusive to me,” said Kitti. “I guess he got off in a weird way—he wanted me to model while he ejaculated. The weekend was still fun, I think I came back with a Prada bag or something. That was the first sign of, he has some weird habits.”

She then recalled the first time she saw the alleged sex tape and actually recognized one of the girls in it. According to Kitti, Kellz personally introduced her to one of them.

“I remember visiting for Thanksgiving and a friend asking me if I’d ever seen the sex tape and at this time I was in love with him, so I wanted to protect him,” said Kitti. “I always tried to be neutral. That’s how I was with the R. Kelly stuff, I didn’t want to watch it. I was furious with her [my friend] for even bringing it up. I remember googling it, going to images and seeing a face and then I got really upset because while I was in Chicago the first three weeks, I remember he would clear out the bench [while he played basketball] and have me just sit by myself,” she added.
“This particular time a girl came and sat next to me and she was cheering for him. When I saw the images on Google it looked exactly like the girl sitting next to me. They looked very similar.”

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She also shockingly revealed that one point he allegedly told her that he had a “pet” that he’d “raised” since the age of 14. That pet was allegedly one of his girlfriends that he forced Kitti to be in a sexual relationship with.

“The two girls that lived in the same quarters that I did, I didn’t know that they were girlfriends for a while,” said Kitti. “He did call one of them his pet. She’s the one who would please everybody, she was in her late twenties. That’s the person he would send to go shopping with me. He did tell me he raised her, she had to be about 14 when they started. He said, “I’ve been raising her for 15 years, you do your own math.” By that time the taping I had watched it [but]  I was already in it [a relationship with him]. Everything else after that—I just put in the back of my mind like, ‘I didn’t hear that, I didn’t just hear that.'”

Kitti also spoke on Kellz allegedly confessing to being abused by both sexes, their discussions of marriage and added that he beat her on his tourbus after she left him.
R. Kelly has categorically denied all of Jones’ allegations.

It’s an extremely shocking and interesting interview, watch below.

More from DJ Kitti on the flip.

Kitti is releasing a book on Amazon titled “I Was Somebody Before This.”

In an excerpt she revealed that she at one point allegedly hit Kellz back during a physical altercation and was punished with starvation for several days.

“I stared at him with anger this time ready to fight back he stood up and grabbed me and walked me out, took me in my room, and started yelling at me about the Tampa trip and pushing my head really hard against the wall all,” wrote Kitti. “I remember was I swung back at him this time,I fell and he kept kicking and slapping me I was kicking him back and ready to kill this motherf**** ( I thought) ! He walked out and I went without food that night and the next day!”

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