Stacey Dash Denies Starring In Dame Dash's New Flick

Sunken Place Stacey Dash Blasts Cousin Dame For Reminding Her Of Her Black Girl Days With Latest Hood Flick

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Stacey Dash Denies Starring In Dame Dash’s New Flick

Stacey Dash is a full-time shucker and jiver on conservative rhetoric, known for spewing Uncle Tom-esque opinons on Black people and culture. BUT…her Blackety-Black azz past is haunting her in a major way today.

The trouble all started when her cousin Dame Dash pushed a flyer for an upcoming straight to OnDemand flick, starring Cam’ron and half of Harlem, called “Honor Up.”

Yes, the woman who called for the fall of BET is starring in a Blackbuster-ready feature. But you know Auntie Ruckus isn’t having any mementos of when she was one of “our” celebs — gracing the cover of King Magazine and starring in Kanye West videos and whatnot.

After the flyer went viral…oh, and let’s not forget there’s an accompanying trailer that’s already been online for TWO YEARS (back when the movie was called “Too Honorable”)…

Stacey is at the 1:40 mark

Stacey made SURE the good conservative white folks of Twitter knew that she had nothing to do with this movie full of C-list rappers that she willingly appeared in at some point…

And she even has gone as far as to call in her lawyers to stop her likeness from appearing in this film she shot. According to The Jasmine Brand, Stacey is lawyering up over “Honor Up.” When asked if she was indeed involved in the film, Stacey only had this to say:

No. I am not. I’ll let the lawyers handle it.

We’re not sure what her lawyers are supposed to do about her acting in front of cameras she KNEW were there…but okay, girl.

Meanwhile, Twitter had a field day with Stacey’s triumphant return to the dollar DVD bin. Hit the flip…


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