Illuminati Taught Me: A Gallery Of Things Y’all ACCUSE Beyonce Of Lying About

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Worst Beyonce Rumors

You can’t be famous for two decades without there being a ton of rumors about you. And you can’t be SUPER famous without there being a world of people who simply can’t shake themselves from those rumors. So here are the most popular, famous and unrelenting rumors about Beyonce. When you say them out loud, you’ll see just how silly they can be.

Now, give the Queen her respect and leave her alone.

Being Pregnant – People are still saying that Beyonce was never pregnant with Blue even though she clearly has a baby bump in VIDEOS she’s posted since.

Her Real Hair – Just last week she posted her real hair and Twitter accused her of lying, but her momma came through and backed her up.

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Never Having Surgery – Beyonce hasn’t outright said she’s never had surgery but people love to say she’s had all sorts of work done.

Her Virginity – Beyonce has claimed that Jay is her first and only but others, including her ex, seem to think otherwise.

Her Age – Oooh lawd. Where do we start? The rumors about Beyonce’s age are all over the place from 35 to damn near 50. Smh. Birthers.

She Loves LeBron – Of course, this is halfway in jest, but some people believe that she is actually in love with Bron Bron.

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    Illuminati – Yeah…no.

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    She Hates Rihanna – They keep taking pics together yet people think she has a grudge for…what again? Fake sleeping with Jay Z?

    Her Fidelity – Beyonce claims to have never cheated on Jay Z but you home wreckers hate to believe it.


    She Broke Up Destiny’s Child – There have always been rumors that the end of Destiny’s Child was all Bey.

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    Julius – One of the biggest rumors is that Bey and Julius had a thing. Sigh.

    The Obama Rumors – Remember people saying they were having an affair? All because they took pics together?


    Her Skin – You ragamuffins even like telling us that she bleached her skin over time. How dare you

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    Her Jennifer Hudson Fight – The internet loves trumping up beliefs that she and J-Hud had jealousy issues and have hated each other since Dreamgirls.

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