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More Kendu Isaacs Cheating Revealed

While Kendu Isaacs is concocting new and creative ways to try to shake down $65k a month in spousal support from ex-wife Mary J. Blige, more information is coming out about his indiscretions during their union. Now, it looks like Mary’s estranged ex spent the majority of their relationship spending up her cash and carrying on not one, but TWO filthy affairs right under her nose.

We already know that Mary pulled the plug on things after discovering that he was carrying on with her musical protege, Starshell. It’s already been said that virtually everyone around her knew what was going down…but Mary was clueless. Now, that’s been all but proven with a new exclusive interview from Love B. Scott.

One of Mary’s former assistants spilled the beans to B. Scott that s/he personally witnessed Kendu getting down and dirty dogging with not only Starshell, but the assistant he had on payroll — for YEARS:

Three months after I started working with Mary, this was 2005. It was about 7:30am and Mary was off rehearsing for a small show. I was at the house in Saddle River, New Jersey. It was like 14º that morning. One of Mary’s new songs that she had just finished recording for the ‘Breakthrough’ album was pumping through the house. I went down the hall to ask Kendu for something, and I saw him in his underwear — and I saw [his assistant] pulling his c*ck out. They didn’t see me, but I felt bad for what I just saw. I was new so I just left it alone.

We can understand not rocking the boat — being new and all and not truly knowing a couple’s dynamics — but things only got WAY worse from there.

Fast forward, a couple years later — I had taken some time off to do other things. I come back and now they’re living in a rental on Mulholland Drive — updated, very contemporary, polished concrete. I’m downstairs doing my job and [his assistant] is in the house. She and Kendu were presumably working on something upstairs in his office. I go upstairs to ask Kendu when Mary’s coming back — and she’s was slobbing him DOWN, giving him h*ad.

YIKES. This person is clearly one of the ones in Mary’s circle who saw something but didn’t say anything. But that’s not all s/he saw…

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