Eff Yo Partisanship: The Only Haitian-American In Congress Is A Woman AND From Utah, Mia Love Demands Trump Apology

- By Bossip Staff

Image via Alex Wong/Getty

U.S. Rep Mia Love Demands Trump Apology For “Shithole” Comment

Donald Trump believes that Africa and Haiti are “shitholes“.

While many are speaking out against such a characterization, none more culturally notable than Utah’s U.S. Representative Mia Love. Her name might not exactly be household, but as the only Haitian-American in Congress, a woman AND a Republican, Mia Love’s voice cut through the buffet of indignant reactions to become the sole conservative voice to represent a diverse demographic.

Although she tossed that Republican “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” BS in there, at LEAST Mia hasn’t seem to lost her Blackness inside of the oft-bigoted GOP groupthink.

F**k Donald Trump.

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