Poor Patois Ting: Safaree Says Nicki Minaj Was Verbally & Physically Abusive During Their Coupledom

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Don’t tell the Barbs…

Safaree Alleges Physical & Verbal Abuse In Nicki Minaj Relationship, Explains Leaked Nude Video

Safaree is continuing to speak on that schlong slinging video that recently broke the internet. The Jamaican rapper recently sat down with his good friend DJ Envy and Envy’s wife Gia Casey for their The Casey Crew podcast.

While there he spoke candidly on that video of his (massive) patois pipe and confirmed that the video wasn’t put out by himself but leaked from his phone possibly via Snapchat.

“When I did it, I did it in my Snapchat but I just did it and saved it” said Safaree. “I don’t even remember who [I sent it to] I don’t be sending stuff like that out but I don’t know if someone broke into my Snap, my iCloud or whatever. I don’t recall.

Hmmmm, likely story.

He also spoke on his ex Nicki Minaj and agreed with Gia Casey that he was somewhat brainwashed in his relationship but admitted that he got perks by being by Nicki’s side.

Safaree: “I ended up being trained to be that kind of person. Like, in the beginning, its like aight, ‘Lil Wayne wanna holla at you? Imma shut my mouth and let’s see where this is gonna go. I can’t give you what he can give you so I’m gonna support. I was just doing that for so long it was programmed in my head.”

Gia Casey: “You were almost brainwashed. It’s like conditioning in a sense.”

Safaree: “I almost turned into a robot but it came with perks. It just got too technical, our entire life was business. There was no such thing as downtime.”

Gia Casey: “What were the perks that made it worth it?”

Safaree: “The perks isn’t really what made it worth it, all I saw was her and her excelling, and it made me feel to good to know where we came from. I just wanted to be supportive and be there, but at the same time wanted to be respected.”

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He also agreed with DJ Envy that their coupledom was abusive both verbally and physically, on Nicki’s part, not his.

DJ Envy: “What made you never leave? I don’t wanna say you were battered but you were an abused boyfriend…sometimes Safaree couldn’t leave the crib. I swear on everything!”

Safaree: “Nah, Nah that’s true but it’s because she was sheltered, she’s in her cocoon and I’m there with her. I didn’t really have a life outside of that. I was really comfortable but then the fights and stuff it was getting too crazy. I was like, you know what? I don’t wanna go to jail, I don’t wanna go to the hospital.”

” I walked away, I”m not a confrontational person and I don’t like to argue. We’re not gonna be doing this all day every day, I’m not gonna have hands put on me and the verbal—it takes a while to get over that. It took me a while to have my confidence that’s why I was going to the gym so hard. It took me a good 4 and 1/2 years to be like, ‘Okay, now I’m me and I’m walking in my own.'”

He also revealed that his family, his mother especially, was NOT feeling Onika.

“I remember when my sister got married and it was time to go to the wedding in Jamaica, and I said I’m not going by myself, and they was like ‘Nah, Nah, Nah!’ In the beginning, everybody was cool, my mother didn’t know nothing but then my mother started to realize that something a g’wan and she started to have an attitude.”

Oh damn, we feel bad for our poor (patois pipe slinging) thang.

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Do you believe him?

Hit the flip for more from the podcast.

On selling his jewelry and his cars for money:

“I’m like yo I gotta figure something out. I started renting a room at my boy’s spot. I can’t get no regular job, if the shoe were on the other foot. Me personally I would make sure you’re [Nicki] straight for life but everyone’s different.”

On “Love & Hip Hop” offering him a job right after his Nicki breakup:

“As soon as the split happened they were hollering, I didn’t wanna jump out the window so for two years I was trying to figure it ouy. Then I said what do I got to lose? I already lost everything. I put on that fur coat, that coconut oil and thank God!”

On missing Nicki:
“I would have to be an inhuman gorilla savage animal to say no. It’s definitely something that’s hard to come by. Maybe like a couple months in the beginning after [I tried to reach out.]

On wanting them to be cordial:

“A relationship? It’s just, it’s a lot to it. I would love for it to be cordial. There are things with her that I’m concerned about.”

Listen to the full podcast on the flip, it’s a GOOD one!

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