Star Was Gettin Pimped for her Dough

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Here some more info on the obviously ridiculous marriage of Star Jones and Al Reynolds:

The beginning of the end was reportedly last summer in Saint-Tropez, where the couple loudly fought on the beach over Star being Al’s sugar mama. One friend recounted an incident where Al refused to pay for beach chairs, demanding that Star fork over the cash.

“She paid for everything. He never even took out his wallet. For the past year, the pair have been living separately, because of Al’s job as a professor of social science at Florida Memorial University in Miami Gardens. When he is in Miami, he’s always on the beach or at the pool at the Delano. Reynolds reportedly works on his tan all day, then parties hard at night. “He hits Mansion, Privé, Mokai and the Florida Room at the Delano four nights a week.”

“Al always has a posse of hot young dudes and scantily clad women with him. He brings strippers back from Gold Rush strip bar to the Delano and dirty dances all night long.”

We didn’t even know that little chump had a job. Those ‘hot young dudes’ statement sure does sound suspect this cat isn’t fooling anyone with his stripper shenanigans. Poor thang.


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  • Bird

    None of this is news to anyone. Everything we have been saying about Al all along is just being confirmed. Now we just need a gay lover to come out of the woodwork.

  • Harlem World

    Duh.. She’s ugly as sin.

  • Rozza

    Star married a man that was not on her level financially, and he saw her vulnerabilities. She was an overweight woman who had fame, money, and a brain, and he was able to get in where he fit in.

    She did like a lot of people do when criticized for their choices – stick to their guns even when it is apparent that it is not a good thing. Al is a user whose half-assed attempts at being down low just made him all the more transparently and patently gay.

    I hope Star used her legal skills and followed her own advice – had an airtight pre-nup and a good circle of girlfirends that would whip his ass just as soon as look at him.

    This is where some good ride-or-die girlfriends come in real handy.

  • Wondering

    Al is a mess. I heard this was the reason for the divorce too. Even though Star makes more money, Al should pay for some stuff. Its only fair. My man makes way more money than me, but every once in a while I pay for stuff. Especially if it is important to him. Al needs to be alone for now.

  • Shay

    What black person works on their tan? Not saying some of us lighter folks don’t try to get them but I’ve never had to “work” on one. Silly O’fays.

    Other than that nonsense I believe it except for the scantily clad women.

  • Georgia On My Mind

    Who were the “scantily clad women” for ?

    Were they bait just to get more unsuspecting “hot young dudes”, to go home with him?


    My sister once told my mother she had to go and get/work on a tan, my mother looked at her like she was crazy.

    We all bust out laughing.

  • Marquis de Sade

    LOL! It’s like I said before, I just love it how some of these (allegedly) intellegent sistas go from one extreme (THUG-WORSHIPPING) to the other extreme (FAG-WORSHIPPING) in the desperate pursuit of finding love and companionship…And scruples be damned.

  • Lili

    WAIT- She’s divorcing him because of MONEY– not because he’s GAY???!

    What a convenient excuse, Star…

  • crazy black lady

    star is no victim. she got what she deserved. i wouldn’t pay for anything if i had to sleep with a hippo!

  • Wondering

    I went to Miami with my 2 best friends for Spring Break. They are both biracial, and they spent the WHOLE trip tanning. I swear! Think about Alicia Keys when she’s really light, and then think of her when she’s tan. She looks better tan, and so do SOME black people. I’m brown, so I didn’t tan, I was playing in the water and got dark anyway. But some black people do tan. Many models do it, because it makes blemishes less visible.

  • whatitis

    Rozza you hit the nail on the head. Star was desperate. Too desperate to see through that man.

  • Skittles Lovers

    Everyone in my immediate family is light skinned, but like almost all black people we don’t need to bake out under the cancerous sun too get darker.

    We go out and walk around. No need to lay our ass out in a lawn chair or go get a spray on tan.

  • TeaRose

    Poor Star…Hey shes a big gurl…Star knew what time it was…but I was NOT paying for everything I don’t care how much money I clocked…he better be working…

  • Lisa

    Who is THAT guy is the picture with the espresso cup in his hand. The look on his face is PRICELESS!

  • Lovely Brown

    I guess, I’m the only one that thought that this marriage was concocted by Star.

    I believe that she found this man, promised him some stuff to stay with her for awhile, and then maybe he was getting a little too wreckless for her taste; so, that’s why he’s getting the door.

    Still, I don’t think that Star was tricked by anybody, she knew what kind of man he was.

  • Lynnette

    I don’t know what is up with female bloggers. When the man makes more money than the woman it is expected for him to pay for everything if not most of it. When it is a woman w/ more money he is “suspect”. She knew that she’d be supportin’ the man. She exploited the relationship and like Ms. halle, cannot keep her big mouth shut and all for the relationship to have privacy. I’m sure her oversized ass will be on Oprah and anounce like Terry McMillan that Al is sooo gay & it was new to her. The man is not gay, he is likely metro sexual like George Clooney. In that case Halle’s man is gay. These rich women r now “paying” for their men so they can just say they “have a man”. Listen up women, u cannot buy love & happiness. yes, a man will lose interest in u if u have nothing but money & fame to offer!!!!

  • Buffalogirl

    First of all, Star is not fat anymore! She had the surgery, changed her eating habits and started to exercise. Second, yes, that dude was suspect from the get go! When EVERYBODY is saying that he’s not even on the DL, but prefers the pipe, it’s time to maybe reconsider those wedding plans, you know??

    BTW, I like to sit out in the sun when I’m on vacay. Nothing feels better than an hour under the sun, no worries, no work, only relaxation.

  • Karen

    What’s sad–and embarrassing for her, I’m sure–is the big to do she made about the wedding. Maybe she’s one of those women who just had to have the fairytale WEDDING she’d dreamed of as a child-with no thought to the actual MARRIAGE!

  • Rozza

    @marquis de sade: Stupid decisions are mad in moments of desperation and periods in life where we may not think there are other alternatives.

    I have never been married or had kids – that whole “biological clock” thing is nothing to me – I refuse to have to do the marriage thing more than once. With that said, many women overlook the dangherous just to get the title of “wife”.

    @the weekend is over: You are very correct! All for image. Too many women force men who aren’t ready or aren’t for them into sham public relationships just to show they can be loved or adored.

    I hope Al and Antwan will be very happy together dancing to RuPaul and voguing all over the place!

  • so 510 bay

    lmao look how that guy in the beach chair star bout is eyein her man… too funny

  • getyourhandouttamypocket


    What black person works on their tan? Not saying some of us lighter folks don’t try to get them but I’ve never had to “work” on one. Silly O’fays.


    I know you didn’t just write “O’fays”!!! LMAO!!!

  • getyourhandouttamypocket


    What’s sad–and embarrassing for her, I’m sure–is the big to do she made about the wedding. Maybe she’s one of those women who just had to have the fairytale WEDDING she’d dreamed of as a child-with no thought to the actual MARRIAGE!


    You are so right. It seems like many women who marry later in life (close to 40 or so) have these blow-out weddings and don’t think about life after the honeymoon.

  • Ty


    she only lost weight when she met big gay Al. Not for herself or health, but for a man.

  • Rozza

    @ do dirty: LMBAO!!! Stevie Wonder!?!? Pure comedy!

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