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 U.S. President-elect Donald Trump and musician Kanye West walk through the lobby at Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York City, U.S., December 13, 2016.

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Goodbye Mr. West,

I could first wax poetic about the genius of your work or the rebellion in your actions, namely calling out George W. Bush for Katrina more than a decade ago, or being early on calling out Taylor Swift’s white privilege, but we’ll cut right straight to the point. You went too far and I think it’s time you go in the corner.

For real. Trippin ain’t even the word. It’s funny your wife is out here accusing the media of demonizing you and immediately you kneel before your white Gawds to worship. You ain’t free thinking. You are handing out cyanide Kool-Aid bruh, and I for one refuse to drink it.

You realize the only reason Trump rushed to call you very cool is because you’re stroking his huge ego, right? His tweets trivialize his office, and his actions — or lack thereof — should be an embarrassment to our country.

Trump failed to praise a young black man for his bravery, but he praises you because you kneel to worship at his altar. Your president failed to deliver clean water to Flint, MI or power to Puerto Rico. But you share his dragon energy? So you uplift him instead of James Shaw? Or other people who share your skin color?

Did you peep how your “Big Brother”‘s wife literally STOPPED the world to put BLACK CULTURE on a pedestal for two weekends in a row? Even MORE photos of your wife’s naked body couldn’t get us off our Beychella high. Now let that sink in, Mr. West.

Tweeting all this stuff about love, but your own self-hate couldn’t be more evident. And it always has been. How many times have we heard you compare yourself to Walt Disney or Steve Jobs? It’s a blessing to be Kanye West and it would be a blessing to make Kanye West someone who little boys who look like you can be proud of and aspire to be like. Maybe you don’t really mean it. Maybe this is all just a marketing ploy. Maybe.

Your fans respect your musical talent. You’ve made yourself a force in the fashion world too and we respect that. But these Twitter rants? Nah bruh. Trump’s tweets remind us that a madman is at the wheel in the White House and yours remind us that you are too flawed to be our hero. Your tweets remind us that you have a total disregard for your influence and if that’s not the case then you’re just manipulating your audience as some kind of sick social experiment.

You don’t have to agree with EVERYTHING Trump says — the fact that you agree with him at all is empowering his followers — the sheep who played right into his carefully-coded campaign rhetoric that promised DELIVERANCE from the crime-riddled “blacks,” the Mexicans, the illegals. You know, the people who still bump “College Dropout” and made you who you are in the first place.

Your wife knows the power of her influence so she’s playing it safe when it comes to Trump. Maybe this is something you guys have agreed to disagree on. She’s married to you so she has to compromise. We don’t.

You keep saying “independent thought” but what about “critical thought?” Not to mention your mentions are full of folks who don’t have an independent thought when it comes to Trump. They support his divisiveness and your support is validating their movement in their eyes.

These are two of the tamer comments but your mentions run amuck with people who want to Make America Great Again — like that great America that wouldn’t have allowed you to marry Kim Kardashian and great America that would have called North, Saint and Chicago half-breeds.

But you really went too far trying to blame Obama for Chicago’s problems. Are you still mad he called you a “jacka**?” Because he’s entitled to his independent thought too.

That’s the point when I started to feel sick to my stomach but the good news is I have options and I choose to exercise them.

It’s funny you mentioned Google in your tweets today because I have a lot of respect for how Valeisha Butterfield, Global Head of Women and Black Community Engagement at Google, responded to the media storm over YOUR TWEETS:

She decided to pay you dust and uplift the #Unsunken heroes of the Civil Rights movement. So that’s where I want to devote my editorial energy until you stop cutting a fool.

You can’t even spell Nicki Minaj right. So I definitely don’t believe you want to see a tour with her and Cardi. And she unfollowed you anyway as we ALL should.

We stopped covering every little thing Trump did a long time ago, but I personally have had enough of this sh*tstorm you’ve stirred up.

There are those who say you just want our love and attention (and our hard earned cash). Well, guess what? I’m not rewarding your bad behavior.

Your wife says it best when she says Mental Health is not a joke. I refuse to let you or Donald Trump drive me crazy. For the sake of my own mental health, I’m focusing my editorial work on positive celebrity stories. I’m choosing to unfollow you and your family and pay more attention to the John Legends and Lena Waithes of the world. Your kids are cute and I liked posting them, but Luda, Beyoncé, Puff, Kelly Rowland and plenty of other celebrities have cute kids I can post. I’ll save the $2.99 I was giving Whalerock for your wife’s app and enjoy what Ciara has to offer instead.

I’ve had enough for now, so Goodbye Mr. West.


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