Hold Up Maury! Fame Thirsty Albino Adjacent Hussy Celina Powell Who Claimed Offset Fathered Fictitious Seed Is a FRAUD

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(Photo by: John Parra/Telemundo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)


Hold Up Maury: Offset’s Batsh-t “BM” Celina Caught Lying About Baby — And She’s Fame Thirsty

Remember Celina Powell, the albino adjacent hussy that was claiming Offset fathered her fictitious seed? She was just caught slipping and her bestie spilled all the beans. Looks the Arizona iced-thot was using her friend named Paradise’s premature baby to get “clout online”,she even copied her original DNA test and case number, just photoshopping in Offsets government name in it.

WHO HAS TIME FOR THIS?? Shout out to Teatenders for doing this nasty chick’s dirty work.



Cardi B reacted to the phone recording with Celina’s supposed friend outing all of her delusional thotful antics after the flip.



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