Swirl Or Die: Reggie Bush Defends Wife’s 100% Organic Grass Fed A$$, Claps At Hater With THIS…

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The A$$ Is REAL: Reggie Bush Claps At Hater In Wife Lilit’s Comments

Reggie Bush is not here to play with LAMES in his wife’s Instagram comments. The proud hubby was perusing through the compliments under Lilit’s workout post, which showed off her stellar derrière and suddenly enters a hater.

The commenter said “you can literally see the implant in the cheek flopping around”, under this photo/vidoe post. Swipe right to see the HD vid of Lilit Bush’s booty. Do you see an implant???

Reggie Bush jumped swiftly into the comments to cape for his wife’s 100% natural, grass fed a$$.

“You clown you should have more respect for yourself coming on my wife’s page posting lies like that GTFOH! Being black you should know the difference between real and fake but I guess that HATE has blinded you. I will address this once and for all that booty is 100 percent real beef now have a seat and stay black!

Woooooo! Reggie Bush sounds heated at the insinuation that his wife is knifed up. And what does being black have to do with knowing the difference between fake and organic cakes?

Anyhow! The Bush’s have been loving and living it up. His the flip for more of their ride or die swirl.

So in love with NY

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Casually strolling through

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Special guest on @gmfb today @lilitslife

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Lady in red

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    ❤️ I think he likes me

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    A little live salsa music can make a girl’s heart dance 💃🏻

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    Uriah the king of Egypt

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    White chocolate mocha

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