Chickens Of the Sea: Azealia Banks Says Baked Potato Bootied Nicki Minaj Pilfered Her Mermaid Aesthetic

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Azealia Banks Accuses Nicki Minaj Of Stealing Her Mermaid Idea

Another day, another Nicki Minaj beef! Azealia Banks is clapping real hard at Nicki after she dropped a preview for her new “Bed” video. In the clips, Nicki looks wet and stranded on the beach, rocking a mermaid tail. There’s one issue, Azealia is claiming to have started the mermaid trend in rap and she says she has receipts Nicki is copying her.

She tells Nicki “you running out of ideas girl”, do you think Nicki is literally copying Azealia with this???

Here’s proof Azealia was doing a lil mermaid thing with her next project “Fantasea II”, although she says this isn’t the cover:

More after the flip.

Fans are already jumping in to back Azealia up. Also, in a throwback clip Azealia posted, Nicki gives her props. So it must mean she DOES pay attention to what Azealia is doing…

But, why would she allegedly steal? Of course we aren’t hearing the last of this. Azealia lets off a draco of tweets addressing Nicki Minaj for being a washed can of Tuna. Hit the flip to see!

Azealia Banks gets reallll low, calling Nicki Minaj a bake potato and can of tuna on twitter.



Where do YOU stand in the argument?


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