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Colin Kaepernick’s Name Bleeped From Madden Two Years In A Row

EA Sports and the NFL have been getting dragged to hell’s end zone for most of the day, after fans noticed that YG’s song “Big Bank” was included on Madden ’19…but Colin Kaepernick’s name was bleeped like a dirty word off of Big Sean’s verse:

Well after getting called to task by Big Sean, having an apology demanded by YG himself, and just generally taking an L for the entire day…EA had this to say for themselves.

But not so fast. It appears this “oversight” has occurred on more than one occasion…in TWO iterations of Madden. Colin’s girlfriend Nessa pointed out that this is actually the second game to feature a song with a lyric referencing Colin, where the player’s name is treated like Lord Voldemort…

And some are beginning to see evidence of that collusion Colin was talking about…

EA says they’ll fix the problem, but that doesn’t do much to answer why Colin’s name got treated like a four-letter slur TWO YEARS IN A ROW. Smh.

Welp, we guess the next question is…will you be buying Madden this year?



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