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What The Hell Is Brooke Doing?

It seems like every season of every reality show gives us a head over heels star who comes off looking like a massive fool every time the cameras are rolling. The reason for the foolishness? Because that person is madly in love with someone who doesn’t have that same energy. For this season of #LHHH, Brooke is that fool. Correct that: Brooke is that boo boo the fool. She’s spent all season in this really weird infatuation with Marcus to the point that she’s letting the fact that, um, he doesn’t seem to want her slide.

Marcus really has himself a side, pregnant chick meanwhile Brooke is over here trying to tell us that she’s working on their marriage. Um. What marriage? The man is clearly on some other stuff right now. The more Brooke talks about their relationship, the more she looks like a clown.

Twitter has noticed, too. Peep the way they are going in on her. SMH.



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