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Andrew Gillum Wars Ron DeSantis “Be Very, Very Careful” With His Words

If you thought we missed the racist BS being spouted by Florida’s Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis — we didn’t. And neither did Andrew Gillum.

In case you missed it, Wednesday DeSantis told Fox News that Florida couldn’t afford to “monkey this up” — allegedly in reference to Gillum’s progressive policies. Gillum and many others accused DeSantis, who is a Congressman backed by the orange guy, of making a racist remark, but DeSantis claimed he wasn’t intending anything racial with his comments.

Gillum appeared on NBC’s “Meet The Press” Sunday and spoke to DeSantis’ remarks as well as to reports of a racist anti-Gillum robocall put out by a Neo-Nazi group Friday which uses jungle noises and stereotypical language saying, “We cannot afford to weaponize race. People take cues from their leader, and Ron DeSantis is the leader. … [DeSantis] must be careful about his language.”

Watch the clip below:


Chuck Todd, host of “Meet the Press,” said DeSantis was also invited to appear on the show but declined.

This is just the beginning. We hear Andrew Gillum using Michelle Obama’s words — saying we need to go high — but obviously things could get even uglier before this election is over. Do you think DeSantis will heed the warning? Or can we expect more racism before it’s all said and done?

Florida and Georgia each have a promising black candidate in the Governor’s race seeking to make history. Will this be the year that the Southern States finally go blue? What do you think it will take to win these elections? How far do you think the Trump allies will go to keep the power they’ve gained so far?

We’re also curious to know how many of you would donate to help Andrew Gillum?


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