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Lily of Black Ink crew Chicago says the N-word.

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#BlackInkCHI Fans Are Tired Of Lily Using The N-Word

On last night’s “Black Ink Chicago” Lily was causing DRAMA on Loyalty Ink’s camping trip which resulted in her being BOOTED. Although Lily tried hard to make Charmaine and Ashley go at it (by instigating) and snitched to Jenn about allegedly kissing Van, her BIGGEST offense to fans was that she kept using the N-word.

Lily, proud Mexicana, can be heard calling the crew N-words and telling them to suck her d-ck at the end of this clip.

Really???? Lily took to instagram to address some of the criticism she got, calling herself trash. Fans had one obvious question though. “Why do you feel so comfortable to call people a nigga?” a user asked. Lily answered like this:

tat2lily @nashira12 because I grew up that way . And it was never an offense to race . This generation is nothing but p-ssies

Wow, ok. Commenters went in, trying to educate Lily about the use of the word, but she didn’t respond.

laccdbfsa You are a racist. The first thing that came out of your mouth when you got mad with a predominately African American group of people is the N-word. Your use of the N-word towards a group of people is deeply offensive. You don’t know anything about the history, pain, and sacrifice that Black people have endured and have not right to ever utter that word. So to post a picture up of yourself in a trash can with a grin on your face is futher indication that you are not remorseful. Your tattoos, familiarity with ghetto culture or use of African American invented hip hop slang will never give you the right to use that word.

Lily doesn’t seem to care about who she offends, using ni–a regularly in her IG captions. Hit the flip to see.

Don’t talk shit if you can’t handle the consequences . Don’t disrespect me or my team. I don’t apologize for shit, all y’all weak ass ni–as can suck my dick

Hmmmmm. Fans are not liking loose-lipped Lily and her use of the N-word at all. Hit the flip to see more reactions.

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