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DETROIT, MI - AUGUST 17: Singers LaBritney and Kash Doll perform on stage during the 'Keep That Same Energy' (K.T.S.E.) Tour at The Majestic Theater on August 17, 2018 in Detroit, Michigan.

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La’Britney Talks About Her Experience On “Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood” And Why She Enjoys Working With Women

This season of Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood introduced a new character in the form of Detroit singer La’Britney who has been propelling her career forward at a rapid pace.

BOSSIP caught up with La’Britney this week in advance of the new episode of LHHH. She told us all about her hustle to succeed, the challenges of reality TV and why she feels it’s important people see her and Kash Doll working together.

“I’ve been performing since I was a little girl, I grew up watching artists like Aaliyah, Beyoncé, Ciara — female artists who can sing and dance at the same time — I’ve literally been infatuated with since I was a kid,” La’Britney told BOSSIP about her inspiration to become an entertainer. “I would sit and watch and learn Aaliyah’s music videos and memorize the choreography down to every dance step. My parents had me in dance classes and vocal classes since I was 8 years old and I professionally started doing music when I was 16. I was in a girl group [Savannah] for a couple of years out of Detroit. The group ended up splitting and I continued doing music as a solo artist in Detroit and I’m still doing it now.”

La’Britney told us she made the decision to move to LA this year after being offered the opportunity to do VH1’s hit show “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.” The show has a reputation for putting young artists in some pretty precarious positions but La’Britney says the experience has been largely a positive one for her.

“Honestly for me it’s been really easy because I’m always true to myself no matter what I’m doing, so if you watch “Love & Hip Hop” you’ll see that my storyline is literally La’Britney, a music artist from Detroit who moved to LA and is there trying to figure out how to take my career to another level,” the Detroit native told BOSSIP. “It’s been really easy for me, but the show itself is definitely based around drama, because that’s what people want to see. If everything was happy and unicorns and cotton candy I don’t think people would enjoy it as much.”

“But my experience with it has actually been really dope,” La’Britney continued.” I’ve been performing all my music, for the most part I don’t have any beef with nobody. I had a little bit of beef but I took care of that.”

“It’s been a dope experience learning the TV world, because this is the first time actually being on a television show. So it’s been dope learning TV and Hollywood and it’s making me want to pursue other TV and acting roles in the future. I want to play Catwoman one day.”

Don’t chalk her up to being an amateur though! La’Britney has plenty of on camera presence because she’s been acting for some time back home in Detroit and even done some independent film work.

“I’ve taken acting classes back in Detroit, I’ve been in a lot of local Detroit movies, I don’t know if you’ve heard of like “Buffed Up” and “Corner Store,” those are Detroit classics. It’s on my list of goals to start this year, acting classes in Hollywood.

In the meantime, La’Britney did find herself in a little bit of drama due to one particular storyline that involved Lyrica trying to check her over her being friends with A1. La’Britney told us she was about the defuse the situation pretty easily on camera and the moment turned viral for her — in a positive way!

“I had just performed at a showcase and after I performed Lyrica approached me checking me about being at one of A1’s shows,” La’Britney recalls. “I had went to one of his shows and she was watching my Instagram story while I was there. She never said anything and she doesn’t follow me or anything.”

“Me and A1 met through mutual friends, writers and producers, we were talking about working on music, we actually worked on a couple of songs. It’s an innocent work relationship. After I performed at the showcase, Lyrica tried to check me about being at the show and I had to let her know I don’t know who the fu** you think you talkin’ to but I go where the fu** I want to go and I do what I want to do.”

The clip from the show went viral, everybody thought it was so funny. I got these t-shirts made that say I do what I want and LANation, that’s my fanbase, they’ve been eating them up, buying them. They’re cute lil crop tops that say ‘I do what I want.'”

What’s most important to me with”Love & Hip Hop” is to maximize my exposure.

Nothing is stopping her these days. La’Britney’s song “Actin’ Funny” featuring Kash Doll is doing extremely well on YouTube where it recently passed over 500K views.

Watch the video for Actin’ Funny below:

“It just recently hit a half a mil a couple of days ago,” La’Britney proudly told BOSSIP, revealing the endeavor was very much a hands on one for her and Kash Doll. “As an independent artist I do everything by myself. Like between me and my friends we pull our wardrobe together, the makeup and hair that’s all a self-made thing so to reach those milestones definitely makes me feel good. If all 500,000 of those people gave me a dollar we’d have half a million dollars.”

“It was really dope — that’s my first music video to reach that many views and when I say that was all, me and Kash Doll putting that together. We’re both Detroit girls and the song’s been going crazy, especially in Detroit.”

Speaking of Detroit, La’Britney recently returned home to perform with Teyana Taylor as part of the KTSE tour.

“I just opened for Teyana Taylor at the KTSE tour in Detroit, so when I performed that song in Detroit I was able to see how many people love the song,” La’Britney told BOSSIP. “The whole venue was in there singing the whole song word for word and I even had Kash Doll come in and perform the song with me. It was so much girl power in the room that night, me, Teyana Taylor, Kash Doll and DaniLeigh.”

Without naming names, we asked La’Britney about the music industry’s tendency to pit female artists against one another. She told us that she’s working hard to prove that’s not always the case.

“It’s hard for women who make it hard,” La’Britney told BOSSIP. “Everybody that is in my life that I work with on the day to day are all women. I’m all about girl power and unity because I feel like women, we can relate to each other better than anybody. We all have periods, we can’t talk to a man about cramps and stuff like that, they don’t get it.”

“To have strong women in your corner that support you and you support them, it’s a different type of power,” La’Britney continued. ” Me and Kash Doll have known each other for a long time in Detroit so us linking up was so easy. I hear a lot of horror stories about women coming together to try and do music, it be a bunch of bullisht but me and Kash Doll both support each other fully.

We actually dropped another video together a month ago called “FWU”. She’s going to appear with me on “Love and Hip Hop” too — I think episode 14. This season me and her shot a video on the show as well, I just wanted to show people two girls from Detroit, we are two female music artists in this industry who support each other. You can come together and it’s not always about who is the biggest. It’s not always gotta be a competition. There is power in numbers.”

Hit the flip to see La’Britney do a celebratory twerk over the success of “Actin’ Funny” and continue flipping for her new song “Eat” which is debuting after tonight’s episode of Love & Hip Hop.



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