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Doja Cat canceled for homophobia

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Doja Cat Is Thick As Hell

Who knew that all it took to get us to forget about someone’s homophobic tweets was for that person to show off her thick as hell donk.

If you recall, a few weeks ago she tweeted out, “I called a couple of people f***** when I was in high school in 2015 does this mean I don’t deserve support? I’ve said f***** roughly like 15 thousand times in my life. Does saying f***** mean you hate gay people? Do I hate gay people? I don’t think I hate gay people. Gay is ok.”

Incredible. She was dragged to hell for these comments and deservedly so. So she needed some way to get people to forget about it. What could she do? She is performing looking like a donked out superhero. Her cakes have the duties on the internet trying to forgive her for her comments.

Well, whether you forgive her or not, enjoy the cakery and the reactions.

“doja cat is thicker than a jar of frozen peanut butter “

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Damn doja cat THICK thick!!!

Doja cat got on stage caked up and it was basically the Men in Black memory wipe pen to those old tweets

“Men are so stupid and predictable LMAO.

Ya’ll “got Doja Cat outta here” because she said she likes white men, posted a picture saying she wasn’t fine anyway and NOW ya’ll are back on her because you saw that she has a fat a$$.”

“I watched this on mute & youre 100% right. RT @IAMKRIS24: Aye maybe we should just hear Doja Cat out mayne.”

Doja cat say she only like white men so I will be changing my name from Kain fury to Kyle huizenga wish me luck



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