Ex-Friend Files: Teairra Mari Drags ‘Drug Head’ Moniece Slaughter Over K. Michelle

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Teairra Mari Blasts Moniece Slaughter

It looks like yet another “Love & Hip Hop” friendship is over. Teairra Mari and Moniece Slaughter of “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” are eviscerating each other on social media after last night’s episode.

According to Teairra, her friend Moniece should’ve told her that K. Michelle filmed a scene with her ex-boyfriend/alleged sex tape leaker Akbar.

Moniece alleges however that she’s innocent in all this and Teairra was well aware of the scene.

“Now I usually don’t do this. But I’m gon do it to mother f**** night. First. I didn’t even know Kimberly went to sit down with akbar TIL TEAIRRA called and told me. And I was THE ONLY ONE willing to show up and serve his a** on set!!!! Number two. I didn’t know about Kimberly responding to akbar on ig until TEAIRRA called me and told me. And she wanted me to call Kimberly to tell her she was gonna rip her face off. She then called me back to tell me she thought about it and she realized Kimberly didn’t owe her anything. I didn’t know about the ig live situation until we got to London. I found out in this scene. Furthermore ALL THE GIRLS ganged up on me and asked me if is told Teairra what I knew. I said yes and I found out FROM TEAIRRA HERSELF. IN THIS SCENE BRIDGET SAID I NEEDED TO FIND OUY WHAT KIMBERLY’S MOTIVE FOR THE SIT DOWN WAS. I SAID I WOULD. LASTLY, DONT EVER PLAY ME LIKE I WAS THE ONLY MUTHUF**** IN THAT ROOM ON INTERVENTION DAY!!!!! NOT ONLY WAS I NOT THE ONLY ONE. BUT I WAS THEE ONLY SOBER LIVER IN THE DAMN ROOM!!!! STOP PLAYIN WIT ME

If you’re wondering why Teairra’s so mad about what went down with K. Michelle and Akbar, it’s because K doubted that Teairra’s tape was leaked and thought she put it out herself.

Teairra’s since clapped back at Moniece and it’s getting even messier.

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Hit the flip.

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According to Teairra “drug head” Moniece is lying and she’s not a good friend in real life.

It’s crazy how b***s will try to lie to you or about you when they know your character is not to argue about things over the Internet, but f*** that I’m sick of this bulls*** you just talked to me last week and we were cool saying that we love each other when we hung up the phone! Just stop it with the fake s***, if you don’t want to f*** with me don’t f*** with me, don’t get on the Internet saying bulls*** after you already know what went down! You already knew that you were going to see these things! And all you people saying that she’s such a good friend, NO! She’s a TV friend she’s not a good friend in real life! If it don’t benefit the story she ain’t doing s***! So bye with ya drug head a**! Bitch don’t come for me! I wouldn’t even have done this if you would’ve kept the same energy that you had on the phone last week but no you can’t do that! @moniece_slaughter

Moniece has since said in Teairra’s comments that Teairra knows the scene was edited to make her look bad.

“We still cool but that edit was some bulls*** and you know it. Period,” said Moniece.

Do YOU think they’ll make up???

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