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Source Claims Kanye West Is “No Danger” To His Family

Kanye West has admitted that he’s completely off his recommended medications and completely back in his “superhero, alien mode…” which comes as no shock to those who have watched his antics over the last week. But according to the Kardashians, his shenanigans pose no problem for Kimmy and the kids.

Granted, people suffering from bipolar disorder aren’t guaranteed to get violent or even particularly aggressive with their families or kids…but the vast inconsistencies in mood behavior and drastic actions that can sometimes be taken while a person is in a manic state aren’t typically completely shrugged off.

Either way, that appears to be exactly what the family is doing with Kanye as he makes grand statements about plans to take Kaepernick to the white house, move permanently to Chicago away from his wife and kids, and haul his entire production team to Africa for over a month to record outside in nature.

A source close to the fam says Kanye’s illness is no problem for his family at all, and even though he doesn’t take his medicine to stabilize his mood…it’s mainly just fun for the children.

“Kanye is fine with the kids, and there is zero worry about him being around his own children. He adores them, and would never do anything to damage them.

They see him as a fun dad because he is always very energetic when he’s with them.”

So…we guess watching him curse their mother out over Instagram nudes and preferred band-aid colors is totally normal for the kiddos?

What do you make of all this?




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