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The Mane Choice Founder Courtney Adeleye Hosts The Bawse Experience Retreat In Las Vegas

Last month BOSSIP’s Sr. Director of Content Janeé Bolden had the pleasure of joining Courtney Adeleye, Founder and CEO of The Mane Choice, Foolproof Body and star of “Who’s The BAWSE!” along with her staff and hundreds of attendees at the first annual “Who’s The Bawse Experience” retreat at the beautiful Bellagio Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Guests were treated to a featured panel which included entrepreneurs, entertainers, influencers and marketing experts including Milano Di Rouge founder Milan, relationship expert Derrick Jaxn, Atlantic Records executive Joi Brown, author Charreah Jackson, singer Estelle, Fashion Bomb Daily founder Claire Sulmers, promoter and marketing exec Miss Diddy as well as Ms. Adeleye herself. Other events included makeup and hair tutorials, a pitch session, an all-white brunch, a 90’s party and a gala which featured a chat between Courtney and actress/entertainer Naturi Naughton.

Courtney Adeleye

The Mane Choice

“I’m working on this show called “Who’s The Bawse,” which is a reality show where I invest $50K in the next female boss and I wanted to bring that experience to life,” Adeleye told BOSSIP about her inspiration to create the retreat. “I think being exposed to something greater motivates you, so my plan was to expose women who may not be able to come to places sometimes and really expose them to something really great.”

Adeleye, who was a nurse prior to founding The Mane Choice, told BOSSIP that while the winning natural hair brand has been in business for five years, it actually wasn’t her first venture.

“Entrepreneurship has always been in my blood,” Adeleye told BOSSIP. “My mom was an entrepreneur as well and she was a nurse as well. Over the last ten years I’ve kind of dibble dabbled with wanting to have my own company, just wanting to iron it out and see where that actually took me.”

“Some people probably thought the Mane Choice was my first business,” Adeleye added. “Nine times out of ten, if you see someone successful in business, it’s not their first time. This was like #3 for me. The public never knows the things that were done prior. It just goes to show you can’t ever give up. You never know if it’s your time, but if you give all you got every time then it’s okay if you have to put an idea to sleep, because it’s not a bad thing to bring something new back again.”

The Mane Choice

While many entrepreneurs seek investors to finance their businesses, Adeleye preferred to go the route of financing herself.

“Sometimes people want to go big real fast,” Adeleye said of her decision to build the business on her own. “For me we’ve been in business for over five years, but every year we’ve grown, so it’s not like out the gate we had $50 million in sales. You can’t expect to plant a seed and the next day you have a big tree that’s grown, you have to water it and nurture it.”

Speaking of nurturing, Adeleye credits her own products for helping her grow her natural hair beyond the bob she wore for years.

“I leave my page public,” Adeleye told BOSSIP of how she’s showcased her growth over the years on her social media. “I have people from middle school and high school who follow me who know I never had long hair, I always kept it like chin length. It would grow maybe to my shoulders and it would look brittle, so I would always lop it off again. This is the longest my hair has been now and its been like this consistently for at least the last eight years.”

We had to ask Adeleye which of her products has been the biggest asset to her hair growth and she answered without hesitation that the brand’s hair growth vitamins are the one thing she won’t do without.

“One of the main things for me is definitely the hair growth vitamins,” Adeleye told BOSSIP. “It’s a product I will always take because it’s not just for the hair. I still want to keep my hair healthy but from a nurse’s standpoint we should all be on a supplement already so the pill that I have is a supplement, it’s really a 2 in 1. You don’t have to take a one a day and a vitamin for your hair. It’s just like a win win.”

Besides being such a BAWSE in business, one of the things that truly inspires us about Courtney Adeleye is the way that she gives back. Earlier this year she went viral after gifting her daughter’s teacher with a car after learning that the educator didn’t have a vehicle and was riding the bus to school. While we had the chance we HAD to ask her about the incident.

“I do a lot of giving and it’s never about publicity or anything like that so it definitely took me off guard,” Adeleye told BOSSIP about her viral moment. “It was a spur of the moment thing. I heard she didn’t have any transportation and it was taking her hours to get to work and hours to get back home and I just woke up that next day and bought her a car. The only reason it was recorded was because my son goes to the school, he’s 11 years old and he recorded it. I said okay that’s cute. It was never about ‘get the shot.’ No we’re going to show people strictly something for us, but of course I show my followers everything we do and the next day that thing went viral. It was crazy, from CNN, MSNBC every show you can think of it was aired. There’s so much negative on TV and on social media so to see something positive and some of the platforms out of the different posts, it was amazing.

Gotta love it right.

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