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Sit down haters!

Michelle Williams & Chad Johnson Speak On Their Relationship

Michelle Williams and her fiancé Chad Johnson are once again speaking on their Christian coupledom ahead of their OWN reality show. As previously reported the Destiny’s Child singer is marrying her (chiseled) Christian cutie after 1 year of dating.

Their reality show “Chad Loves Michelle” premieres Saturday at 9 p.m. EST and the duo’s telling OWN all about their relationship and sending a message to haters of their interracial romance.

According to Michelle, she’s been hit with NASTY comments about her decision to marry a white man and Chad’s been falsely accused of racism.

” Someone said I was a bed wench, that I’m ruining my African heritage,” said Michelle.

“If it’s a racial thing from the outside it’s definitely a lie. People endd up seeing us and start projecting their own racial biases,” said Chad.

WOOOOW, people are disgusting and brutal. Why does every black woman who dates a white man have to be a “bed wench”???

The couple also revealed “secrets” about each other including the status of Michelle’s real long, real hair and Chad’s cooking skills.

“Something that people would never guess about Michelle is, she really does have real hair too,” said Chad.

“He can cook really, really good. He can cook those sweet potatoes like my Aunt Carol,” said Michelle.

The couple is also waiting until they’re married to consummate their relationship and Michelle recently told PEOPLE that she always dreamed of having Destiny’s Child babies with her bandmates at the exact same time.

“The girls and I had this thing where we wanted to be pregnant at the same time and have our tour buses with bassinets in it,” said Michelle. “The night we try to get pregnant, I’m gonna call them and say ‘Okay, y’all get to work!’”


Are you here for Chad and Michelle’s new reality show??? More of their cute Christian coupledom on the flip.

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