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Day Care Employ Murders 8-Month-Old For Not Going To Sleep

It’s scary to think that people like this were somehow able to gain employment from companies who claim to care for children.

According to DailyMail, 24-year-old Leah Walden plead guilty to murdering 8-month-old Reese Bowman at the Rocket Tiers Learning Center in Baltimore last year. This crime was so horrifying that Judge Althea Handy was reportedly sobbing after watching the brutal video of the child’s murder before she handed down her sentence of 70 years in prison.

Walden was frustrated that Reese wouldn’t go to sleep, so after returning from lunch Walden slapped the child and smothered her with blankets. Check out what the state’s attorney says that Walden told a co-worker prior to the murder:

‘Girl, I’m frustrated. I’m sick of this little b****. I hate this little b****. She makes me want to punch her in the face.’

Somehow Walden’s family tried to convince the court that Leah isn’t a “monster”, but the truth is that she is trash and she deserves every second of that 70 years she was rewarded.



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