YouTuber Reveals He Faked Travis Scott Cheating Photo

You Have Got To Be Kidding: Clout Chasing YouTuber Steps Forward After Creating FAKE Travis Scott Cheating Photo

- By Bossip Staff

Travis Scott

Source: Manny Carabel/Getty Images / Getty

YouTuber Reveals He Faked Travis Scott Cheating Photo

Remember the other day when we showed you a sketchy photo from a young lady claiming to be cozying up to Travis Scott when Kylie was busy on lip kit duty?

Welp, it looks like Travis’ little “cheating scandal” turned out to be nothing more than an internet scam after all.

But this wasn’t something simple where a photo was taken out of context or an IG model looked to up her following with false side-chicking claims…this one went to the next level.

As it turns out, the entire thing was an elaborate hoax meant to trick the media into running with the story (which in our defense, we called out as looking fishy), created by YouTuber ChristianAdamG.

Of course, the Kardashian family is none too pleased by this little stunt, seeing as how they’ve already been through isht like this with their sisters’ boyfriends THIS YEAR. Kim Kardashian weighed in on the bs via her twitter.

Even Travis himself responded to the post, commenting “Shaking my f*cking head” to the Youtuber for his little stunt.

Hey, anything to get these clicks off, we guess.

Manny Carabel/Getty Images/YouTube



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