I’m going to jump out the window and say it, Aquaman is one of the best movies from the Warner Bros DC Universe in a very long time, but during my conversation with Amber Heard, I think I might make a plate for her to take out from our hypothetical cookout. She shook her head at the BBQ Becky’s of the world, reads books about White Fragility and she’s one hell of a Princess Mera in Aquaman.

Amber explains why we see so much more negativity but points out a change is coming, “I think it’s easy to see how much people aren’t doing because we have such a heightened awareness and ability to see and connect and share with the rapid acceleration with the access to social media through our phones and an increased connectedness with that,” Amber says. She also says that same connectedness which is making us more aware of the unjust things happening in the world it’s also changing the world at the same time. “There are negative things happening in this world at rapid speeds but there is so many good things happening. There is so much positive change happening but what’s really inspiring and encouraging is knowing where it came from.” Amber explains the change it’s coming from the ground up, young people and boots on the ground.”

Check out my interview with the cast of Aquaman and go see this new movie when it hits theaters at midnight.

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