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Second Black Man Dies At Prominent Political Donor’s Home

This one has the makings of a Law & Order: SVU episode written all over it…

A Black man has died of an alleged drug overdose inside the Hollywood apartment of Ed Buck, a wealthy and prominent donor to the Democratic party, for the second time within the last 18 months. The as-yet-unidentified man has only been described as a Black man in his 50’s according to KTLA, and at this time is believed to have passed due to a drug overdose.

The circumstances of his death possibly signify a disturbing and dangerous habit on the part of Buck, one which has seemingly been costing Black men their lives for the sake of his own pleasure and entertainment. The prior death at his home, that of 26-year-old Gemmel Moore, was also the result of an overdose of methamphetamines that may have been ingested at Buck’s home.

Family and friends of Moore claim that he was working as an escort when he visited Buck’s home back in July 2017. Moore’s mother Latisha Nixon claims that she has spoken to other escorts since her son’s death and has discovered that Buck frequently invites young gay Black men to his home and has them ingest near-lethal amounts of narcotics for his own enjoyment.

“Ed Buck has been soliciting young gay black men. He has them wear these long white ‘under-johns.’ He takes pictures of them. He hits them up with meth. The more meth that they smoke and inject, the more money that he gives them.”

Moore’s death was ultimately ruled accidental and Buck has not been named a suspect in the latest drug-overdose death at his home, as his attorneys claim the man in question was already in a drug-induced state when he arrived at Buck’s home.

SMH. We wonder how many more Black men have to die for this man’s alleged sick enjoyment before law enforcement decides to get involved?

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