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See, when you do clownery…

7 L’s: Ariana Grande’s Japanese Tattoo Translates To “BBQ Grill”

Ariana Grande wanted Japanese symbols inked to her hand for a ‘7 Rings’ aesthetic but instead, she embarrassed herself.

The singer recently released her ‘7 Rings’ single. In celebration, Grande tattooed her hand with the characters “七輪.” After posting it proudly, fans were quick to point out that the Japanese Kanji translation is “shichirin,” which is a small barbecue grill, not “7 Rings” like she originally thought.

After posting her tattoo online, she tried to defend herself now-deleted tweets. Ariana admitted that she left several characters in the tattoo because “it hurt like f*ck” and she “wouldn’t have lasted another symbol.” BUT, her excuses still didn’t stop her from getting laughed at…


Folks are clowning Grande for using Japanese characters for a tattoo ‘aesthetic’ and not doing her research. Hit the flip for more hilarious reactions to Ari’s tasty tattoo fumble.



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