Meet The Ladies Of UMC’s “Beyond The Pole”

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Beyond The Pole

Source: UMC / She’s A Movement Media Group


How old were you when you started dancing?

I was 19 when I started dancing.

What is the biggest lesson you learned as a dancer?

The biggest lesson I learned was to be humble. After I first stopped, I thought I had graduated from stripper college and felt like the girls who were still in the club were beneath me. God humbled me when it came time for me to pull those platform stilettos back out.

Did you have a plan in mind for when you wanted to stop?

My initial plan was to dance until I got an apartment and then a car. After I reached those goals, I didn’t quite have the confidence to begin something new. Eventually, I met a football player who made me choose between going to school or staying in the game. From there, I decided to go to school in LA and train to become a makeup artist.

What’s the difference being a dancer in Atlanta vs other cities?

I’ve danced in New York, DC, Miami, LA and Vegas. There is no other city like Atlanta. Atlanta is the Mecca for the strip club industry. In most other cities, people don’t respect the hustle of it all. People will look down on you if they know you dance.

What can you teach others beyond the pole?

This industry teaches you to have tough skin. You become appreciative of the skills you learn that help you thrive like staying in shape, looking the part, marketing yourself, etc.

How has filming Beyond the Pole changed your perspective?

Beyond the Pole was a call from God. It showed me that you have a purpose. It taught me that we have to take advantage of each and every opportunity because you never know what might come from it. This was my first time doing reality tv and because my life is hectic, all I was worried about was how I didn’t have time. Working, being a mom, and then shooting the show was limiting. But with the show, I gained the confidence to share things and was forced to accept myself for who I am – something that took me over 30 years to do.



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