Meet The Ladies Of UMC’s “Beyond The Pole”

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How old were you when you started dancing?

I started too young but too old, a lady never reveals her age 😁😂

What is the biggest lesson you learned as a dancer?

One of the biggest lessons I learned was to never let your guard down, always have tough skin, and be your only friend! Did you have a plan in mind for when you wanted to stop? Yes. Once I get comfortable enough financially and comfortably invested into my other business, I’ll transition out. What’s been your worst experience? One of my worst experiences dancing would have to be being humiliated in front of a whole NFL team; being called not good enough, not thick enough, being told I do not have big enough boobs, and that I wasn’t worth spending money on.

Another time, I was sitting in the strip club I worked at having a drink before going home and I was roofied (drugged). Someone managed to carry me to the back office and watch over me but it was a seriously scary night.

What’s the difference being a dancer in Atlanta vs other cities?

The difference for me being a dancer in Atlanta vs other places is Atlanta is very cutthroat. There is a lot of competition and you battle daily. Real bodies vs fake bodies, it’s very hard. In Atlanta, it’s all about who you know and how big your butt is for the most part. Every other state and city I’ve danced in, it’s more about your stage routine, your performance, your look and personality.

What can you teach others beyond the pole?

Well there’s so much I can teach others from inside the club to outside the club. I come from another country, a third world country to be exact. I was raised in the hood in California and grew up in the foster care system. I have a lot of knowledge from those experiences, both good and bad. Lessons that I’ve learned and lessons I’m still learning. I want to help keep people from making the same mistakes I have or help them through the path I once walked.

How has filming Beyond the Pole changed your perspective?

Filming Beyond the Pole changed my perspective in many ways. It’s changed how I see certain women, how I judge someone’s character, how I look at different outcomes. Mainly, I realized that everyone in the show, and in this lifestyle overall, has to have a lot of courage.



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