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Atlanta Promotes “Family-Friendly” Freaknik

Have y’all heard about a “family-friendly” Freaknik that’s supposed to be going down in Atlanta this year?

If you know about the original Freaknik, that was banned in 2010, you know it wasn’t exactly the event you want to bring your kids or grandmama to. But, WSBTV states, the UPDATED version of the massive, annual spring break party will “showcase unity and togetherness” and apparently, there won’t be any “naked girls running down the street.”


“We want everyone to know it’s not the old Atlanta Freaknik,” said Tara Thomas, publicist and branding partner for the concert. “When people think Freaknik, they think party and chaos. That’s not what we want to do. We want it to be a party, but an all-inclusive one.”

Thomas, who is based in Los Angeles, never attended Freaknik, but is familiar with it through her husband, an Atlanta native.

“I just know about it from the stories I’ve heard and there will be no naked girls running down the street on top of cars! We want it to be fun and to make it something people look forward to every year, like a funk fest,” she said.

Thomas is also hoping the proceeds from Freaknik will help to support women’s empowerment groups.

There are plans to meet with local police before June to retain their support and Thomas also envisions donating some of the proceeds of the show to local women’s empowerment groups.

“We want people to remember (Freaknik) for what it was,” she said, “and for what it is.”

Y’all here for the family-friendly version, or nah? Hit the flip to see what the good folks on Twitter have to say about it.



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