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Eva Marcille Alleges That Marlo Hampton’s Been Gay Bashing For Years

Eva Marcille has some words for Marlo Hampton.

Remember when Marlo (very) messily helped spread a rumor from one of Eva’s bridesmaids that Eva’s flat broke and perpetrating with a house solely used for TV tapings and a car allegedly purchased under scammy circumstances?

Not only that, the woman named Seanita allegedly claimed that Eva was a “stone cold lesbian” when she travels to the West Coast.

According to Eva who spoke with US Weekly, Marlo’s obsessed with her and it’s disturbing.

“I’ve never met someone that is so consumed with what I drive, where I live, who [I’ve] dated. It’s quite appalling, to be completely honest, and disgusting in certain regards,” she tells Us Weekly exclusively. “This whole idea of her bringing this up, never nipped it in the bud with her, but her gay bashing is disgusting. It is quite gross.”
I don’t understand what her problem is with people who date the same sex or that are bisexual,” she added. “If that is my reality or not why does it matter to her? I don’t know if she would like to dip into more lady pools, and if that’s why she’s so inquisitive about it.”


Eva who also shut down questions that she previously dated Missy Elliot (weird rumor, but okay) already said she NEVER dated women and added that she takes issue with the negative connotation she feels the entrepreneur, 43, gives the term “queer.”

“What I don’t like is the fact that she makes queer seem bad,” she says. “I don’t like it because you have people that are not as strong as I am, or not as comfortable in their skin, or that are a little bit confused about their label or identity, that find themselves tucking their tail in between their legs and hanging their head low because they don’t know how to deal with that kind of stuff.”

Sit down, Marlo. Is Marlo bashing Eva’s alleged sexuality or is she just being SUPER messy for airtime???

See Marlo’s explanation for her alleged “gay bashing” on the flip.


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