"To Have & To Hold: Charlotte” Cast Talk Their New Show

To Have & To Hold: Charlotte: OWN’s Queen City Couples Talk Open Marriages & Their Sizzling Season

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To Have And To Hold Charlotte

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“To Have & To Hold: Charlotte” Cast Talk Their New Show

Oprah’s OWN network has a new show that you’ve gotta see ESPECIALLY if you’re a proponent for sweet melaniny marriages.

BOSSIP recently chatted with the cast of “To Have & To Hold: Charlotte” about their sizzling season that highlights affluent and attractive black couples in the Queen City who deal with real issues.

During a roundtable in Atlanta, three of the show’s five couples told BOSSIP about their sweet black love stories.

On hand were the Socialites, Alane Paraison and Yandrick Paraison, who host extravagant affairs and despite some previous financial challenges, they’re clearly the Joneses that everyone wants to keep up with.

To Have And To Hold Charlotte

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Following them, there’s the sexually charged DINKS (DOUBLE INCOME NO KIDS), Darhyl Pulley and Christine Pulley, who (re)consummate their marriage every 48 hours or less and love having the freedom to party.

To Have And To Hold Charlotte

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Lastly, there’s the Empty Nesters, Ursula Douglas, and Clinton Douglas, who told BOSSIP they enjoy naked yoga and eat vegan food in their happy kid-free home.

To Have And To Hold Charlotte

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These playful pairings were down to answer some of our tough questions and gave candid answers about the personal ins and outs of their marriages.

According to Clinton, if he HAD to do a wife swap with any of the other husbands he’d pick Alaine because he KNOWS they’d have tons of fun together—despite being still strongly attracted to his wife. He admitted to BOSSIP that the first thing he noticed when he met Ursula was “her shape” and that her “a** was crazy in this leopard print dress”, their bond is still strong years later.

The other couples weren’t too keen on a wife swap idea, however, and that could be because they’re all strongly against open marriages and hall passes.


“She reminds me constantly about how she’s gonna kill me in my sleep,” said Darhyl about his wife Christine who would NEVER go for a hall pass. “Seriously, it’s not a joke. I’m scared to death of this woman.

“And really with Alane, she’s got all the girls in Charlotte scared,” added Yandrick who also declined the idea of sharing his spouse. “They won’t even come talk to me.”

“Try it!” added Alane.


On the flip, the couples tell us all about the secrets to strong coupledom.


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In addition to speaking on marriage dos and don’ts, the melanated couples spilled to BOSSIP the key to each of their relationships.

According to The Socialites, it’s communication and “constant forgiveness.”

“We have a knack of overcoming things,” said Yandrick.

“I’m constantly forgiving him,” added Alane.”If it happens, we get mad and then I forgive you and let’s move on. Constantly forgiving.”

As for the DINKS, it’s more than just an active sex life, it’s actually “active listening.”

“It’s one thing to just hear your spouse out when something is wrong but to actually do something about it is what is successful in our marriage,” said Christine. ” It’s just actually listening and do something about it.”

“Connection for me,” added Darhyl. “If I’m not connected there’s nothing there. My love language is touch, hers is time.”

The Empty Nesters agreed with the DINKS and added that they cater to each other’s love languages.

“My love language is physical touch and quality time so it’s kind of making sure we attend to each other’s needs,” said Ursula. “His is different he likes acts of service and words of affirmation.”


Source: Paras Griffin/Getty Images / Getty

“To Have And To Hold Charlotte” airs Saturdays at 10 p.m. on OWN.

Will YOU be watching????

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