Investigation reveals racist and hateful Facebook posts by Philly cops

Bigoted Bacon Brigade: Investigation Into 3,100 Facebook Posts Reveals Racist, Sexist, Offensive Posts By Philadelphia Cops

- By Bossip Staff

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Over 300 Philadelphia Cops Post Racist Facebook Comments

We already know police ain’t s#!t, but stories like this still never fail to make us shake our head.

According to ABCNews, the Plain View Project has been conducting an investigation into 3,100 Facebook posts made by Philadelphia police and found over 300 racist or offensive comments made by 328 active-duty officers.

Many of these offensive posts included language that promoted violence against Blacks, Muslims, and immigrants. Some of the posts have comment threads between multiple officers who have no fear of telling the internet how they REALLY feel about non-white people.

Says organization founder Emily Baker-White:

“We found a very high and concerning number of posts that appear to endorse, celebrate or glorify violence and vigilantism,” Baker-White told ABC News in an interview on Tuesday. “We included posts that we thought could affect public trust and policing.”

“We also included posts,” she added, “that seemed to emit some sort of bias against a group of people — whether if that’s a minority faith, a minority race, ethnicity, immigration status, whatever it is. We saw a number of posts that appeared to denigrate those groups of people.”

Police Commissioner Richard Ross commented about the internal investigation over these posts:

“We have reviewed the social media transcriptions you provided, and find many of them to be not only incongruent with our standards and policies, but also troubling on a human level,” Ross said.

F**k the police.



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