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Asiahn Speaks About Being Openly Lesbian And Her Singing Career

We’ve posted a few things about Since the 80’s singer Asiahn over the last few months but we recently had a chance to meet up during her Atlanta listening party for ‘Love Train 2 for a quick interview. Check it out below:

BOSSIP: We love your project ‘Love Train 2,’ what’s next for you musically?

ASIAHN: We are going to extend some songs which are short, and I’ve got videos coming out for ‘London’ and “Love Curiosity”, and my own tour coming in July.

BOSSIP: Congrats! What city are you most excited to go to?

ASIAN: I’m most excited to go places I haven’t been before and to visit overseas. I have a huge fan base in UK, France, and Germany also, oddly Japan. I can’t wait. I’m an anime head.

BOSSIP: We first heard of you when you were going by the name Asia Bryant… Who is Asia Bryant?

Asiahn: Well, I started with Asiahn in like MySpace days, but everyone butchered my name. So I was like let’s just change it to Asia Bryant because it was easier and even my teachers used to call me Asia, because it was so difficult to pronounce Asiahn. Asiahn is my real name and when I was coming out with ‘Love Train’ I was going through a breakup so I went through a whole “reinventing” yourself moment and remembering who I am. So it was all about Asiahn.

BOSSIP: Was it a toxic relationship, or just like a really bad breakup?</strong

A: It was a really bad breakup. I’m just gonna leave it there.

B: So, did you leave it there?

A: Oh yea. It’s DONE done. At this point I just started over clean slate.

B: Because you make sexy music, do people ever assume that you’re more sexual than you are?

A: They do. Within a relationship I’m sexual, but i’m very shy about it. It has more to do with being comfortable and being more comfortable with a person. When I’m totally committed that’s like, a different person.

B: Do you have any celebrity crushes?

A: I don’t. I think it’s because I’ve been in this industry so long and been around so many celebrities I know they are just human. I have to actually meet a person before I can have a crush on them to begin with. It takes me getting to know person before I know if I actually like them.

B: It’s a great time for women in music, why do you think that is?

A: I would definitely agree, it’s a great time for women period. We’re just really out here being unapologetic for who we are, and I think it’s time for that.

B: For people who haven’t seen you on Instagram or anything like that, how would you describe yourself to them in 3 words?

A: Artist, Nerd, Lesbian.

B: Has there ever been any pressure to hide your sexual preference?

A: When I was younger, but even then I didn’t know I was a full blown lesbian; but knowing who I am as a grown woman I’m like nah I’m not about to play with y’all. And I’m not going to change my lyrics to “he” or “him”. My music isn’t about LGBT, it’s about love. I try to make it as universal as possible.

B: At what age did you know that you were lesbian and not bisexual?

A: Well I used to get in trouble for looking at a$$ since kindergarten. When I was about 14 I knew I only liked girls. A boy tried to kiss me and I was like “ugh”. When you’re really young, you don’t really know what that means, but when I got to high school it was like ok. I’m a lesbian.

B: Is your family pretty supportive at this point?

A: Very supportive. My mother is in Charleston, SC and my grandmother is in Charlotte, NC and my father is deceased. My father was Brazilian.

B: How long has your father been deceased?

A: He was murdered in 2014. I was a daddy’s girl. I got very depressed and stopped writing music for awhile.

We were already loving her music, but we promise you she’s got one of the sweetest personalities we’ve encountered in this business and we wish her all the success! Follow Asiahn on social media @iamasiahn


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