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Kimberly “K Michelle” Pate is a pioneer for taking her Reality TV opportunities and writing her OWN narrative. Kimberly has not only trampled her naysayers by lasting nearly a decade on reality television but she’s carved her own iconic catchphrases over the years, solidifying her Hall of Fame status.

“Don’t shake…unless you’re ready to get shook!”

K. Michelle’s intro to reality TV fame came when she burst onto the Love And Hip Hop Atlanta scene via VH1 in 2012. Memphis born K. had already been a singer, but it wasn’t until she had the platform to relay her personal woes and win a few arguments that she was she able to connect with fans on a larger level.

We learned just how outspoken and unfiltered Kimberly’s personality was from the jump. K’s time on #LHHATL was marked by her beef with the likes of Rasheeda, Karlie Redd, and Mimi. Quit-witted and sometimes cruel, K. cut deep when sparring with her castmates.

Insults like, “I’m Rasheeda, I rap like Shawty Lo” and, “She’s shaking the table! Don’t shake…unless you’re ready to get shook!” have gone down in reality TV history.

After only two years reigning on the franchise, K got her own show, K Michelle: My Life. Remember that?

It was on that show that the single mother tried to bring her personal life and career together full circle. The show displayed the struggle K faced with balancing “true love” with a cheater, a flourishing career and friendship drama. “My Life” aired for 4 seasons, meanwhile Kimberly’s #LHHATL presence never faltered.

K. Michelle has been a consistent staple on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop franchises, including the Hollywood spinoff.

She’s settled into her persona as a woman with dreams, who is not to be messed with. Looking ahead, we can expect to see more of K. Michelle and her family life.

K plans to raise twins by way of a surrogate and continue to display her real-life on the forthcoming season Love And Hip Hop Hollywood.

Welcome to BOSSIP’s Reality TV Hall of Fame, K. Michelle.

Reality TV Hall Of Fame

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