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Cardi B

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Cardi B’s ascended from your everyday “regular degular shmegular” girl from the Bronx to an international superstar with endorsement deals, hit songs, sold-out shows, and ALL the scandals that come with fame.

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“You know a girl have beef with me, she gon’ have beef with me….forever.”

Before she rocked the world with “Bodak Yellow“, America got its first hearty helping of Cardi on “Love & Hip Hop New York” season 6. She was touted as a “social media sensation” and she was. She had already racked up millions of views on Vine and Instagram and had 1 million followers on Twitter. Her social media followers chomped at the bit to watch the stripper crack jokes and go on rants all the while dropping classic catchphrases like “A hoe never gets cold.” Cardi said that line in the winter while rocking nothing more than a skirt and a barely-there bra top and it stuck. Cardi didn’t give a f ***, and fans ate it up.

Cardi retired from the pole in 2015, just two months before for her “Love & Hip Hop” debut, and with that, she found the place where she truly belonged; THE SPOTLIGHT. Cardi was considered the breakout star of season 6 and she spawned memes and GIFs for her hilarity. There was one scene in particular however that really stood out and that continues to follow her to this day.

While on the VH1 reality show Cardi was a burgeoning rapper who wanted to be taken seriously as an artist, so she asked Power 105’s DJ Self for help. Mind you, DJ Self absolutely refused to sign Cardi to his Gwinin Entertainment label but readily involved her with drama. At one point they had a sitdown to discuss Cardi having an altercation with Self’s girlfriend Yorma who was upset to hear that Cardi and Self had history. After putting the paws on the girl, Cardi advised Self to keep the woman far, far away from her.



“You know a girl have beef with me, she gon’ have beef with me….forever,” explained Cardi.

With those words, Cardi cemented herself into reality TV history. She’s a true (and rare) success story from the Mona Scott Young school for extraordinary ridiculousness. While other “Love & Hip Hop” stars continue to spend hours of time in studios making tracks that fans ultimately never hear outside of the television show, Cardi’s continuing to see stardom.

Most recently Cardi landed a role in the upcoming true-life stripper crime drama “Hustlers” alongside J. Lo, Lizzo, and Constance Wu. She’s also reportedly making $20K a month just by wearing Fashion Nova and her most recent collection (that sold out in minutes) racked up over $1 million in sales. She’s a proud mom to baby Kulture Kiari Cephus, wife to sometimes trifling husband Offset, and is a Grammy winner reportedly worth nearly $10 million. Did we mention that she’s done all of this while STILL under the age of 30?

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