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Mo’Nique Speaks On Oprah Winfrey & Steve Harvey

Mo’Nique is still outspoken and unabashed when it comes to her opinions on two major media moguls.

Mo’s remained steadfast in her issues with Oprah and she’s claimed for YEARS that Oprah crossed the line by inviting her family on her talk show against her wishes.

Now she’s doubling down on those feelings with Comedy Hype.

According to Mo, her brother Gerald who admitted to molesting Mo’Nique reached out to Oprah to speak on child predators, as he was one himself. The idea was then pitched that Mo’Nique would come on the show as well.

According to Mo, she told O that her brother was a “scammer” and wanted nothing to do with the interview. She also expressed that she preferred that the interview not happen and Oprah allegedly ASSURED her that the sitdown would be canceled.

Despite that, Mo says her brother was brought on alongside her other brother, her father, AND her mother.

“She never said my mother was coming on that show,” said Mo. “Because if Oprah Winfrey would have said she was having my mother on that show, I would have said shut it down.[…]

Ultimately Mo said she wants a PUBLIC apology from Oprah.

Until that woman says let me apologize to you publically it’ll be till the day I leave this earth. Because what you did was malicious and it was intentional and it was ugly. Oprah Winfrey, you know what you need to do and stop hiding behind what you call negative comments because what people are beginning to do is see you for who you are.”

She also said that she confronted Oprah at a previous Oscars party at Alfre Woodard’s house and asked her in front of EVERYONE including Angela Bassett and Regina King why Oprah had her mother on her show.

“How could you have my mother on my show? That’s not what we discussed,” Mo said to Oprah while recounting the nasty things fans said after the interview.

“She took the cowardly way out, she said ‘If you think I did something wrong then I want to apologize.’ You DID do something wrong, you maliciously [did] and had full intentions of having my parents on your show and not saying anything to me.”

Mo is NOT holding back in this interview; watch below.

Do YOU think she has a valid reason to have an issue with Oprah???

That’s not all, however, Mo also spoke on Steve Harvey. After previously defending Steve from fans who rejoiced in his talk show getting canceled,” it looks like Mo’s had a change of heart.

Mo told Comedy Hype that she’s “never seen so many cowards.”

“I’ve never met so many cowards in our black men in show business. I’ve never met so many black men that have no goddamn backbone, and that bothers me,” said Mo.

She also added that her sitdown with Steve was heavily edited, not for her sake but for STEVE’S since he was chastising the “white boys” in Hollywood.

“There’s nothing I said that needs protection.”

She did say however that she took issue with Hollywood taking away his talk show even though, “What you put out there comes back.”

WHEW chile, the mess!

What do YOU think about Mo criticizing Oprah AND Steve Harvey???

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