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Texas School Colors Black Student’s Haircut With Sharpie

We’ve seen white folks try a lot of bulls#!t in our day, we mean a LOT of bulls#!t, but THIS is a new level of “Ah, HELL f**k naw!!!”

According to NBCNews, a Texas junior high school embarrassed and humiliated a Black student when they thought it appropriate to color his scalp with a Sharpie. Here’s what happened.

7th-grader “J.T.” showed up to Berry Miller Junior High School with a fresh new fade with an elaborate part cut into the side. Assistant Principal Tony Barcelona took notice and sent him to discipline clerk Helen Day for being “out of dress code”. Day gave J.T. and ultimatum, take an in-school SUSPENSION or get his part colored in with a black marker. J.T. was scared that a suspension would get him kicked off the track team, so he allowed this heffa to put a Sharpie to his head to color in the line.

It goes without saying that this made J.T. look ridiculous and his parents were PISSED. Dante Trice and Angela Washington filed a lawsuit against Pearland Independent School District, Berry Miller Junior High School Principal Tony Barcelona, discipline clerk Helen Day and teacher Jeanette Peterson seeking monetary damages for their son’s pain and suffering after he spent days being mocked by classmates. All three of these individuals are white as the driven snow.

“The haircut did not depict anything violent, gang-related, obscene or otherwise offensive or inappropriate in any manner. J.T. did not believe the haircut violated any school policy,” the lawsuit said.

To make matters worse…

“The jet-black markings did not cover the haircut design line but made the design more prominent and such was obvious to those present at the very beginning of the scalp blackening process,” the suit said.

J.T. found the process to be “highly offensive,” the suit said. “It is commonly understood among scholars and the general public that depicting African Americans with jet black skin is a negative racial stereotype.”

White people literally put a Black boy in damn-near Blackface because they were offended/intimidated by his part. His PART.

Stankin’ a$$ soup cookies…


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