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AT&T Is Facing Backlash For Several Celebrity Hacks

When it comes to being a celebrity, one of the worst things that can happen is being hacked.

Everyone who uses social media has witnessed a celebrity being hacked and it is not a pretty sight. Hackers will post anything including explicit photos from their phones and leak private or even intimate conversations.

Almost every social media website has created and pushed Two-Step Authentication as a sure fire way to prevent this. Easy enough, right? WRONG.

Celebrities are still being hacked and recently, they all revealed to their fans how their private information is gettin stolen so easily. The blame this time around falls at the hands of a wireless provider. Recently, social media influencers King Bach, Amanda Cerny, James Charles, Lil Yachty and many others were hacked and the common thread was AT&T.

According to ReclaimTheNet, hackers are calling AT&T customer service with nothing but the celebrity’s cell phone number and putting their acting skills to test, saying they need their sim card switched immediately. After several attempts, the hackers are able to find one employee at the call center who executes their request.

Definitely not a good look for AT&T, and because of this, a lawsuit could be on their hands.

Here’s what certain celebs had to say about their unfortunate situation:



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