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KSI & Logan Paul Finally Set The Date For Their Rematch

Last summer, a huge event went down–but most people outside of the Youtube world just laughed it off because it seemed so weird.  Two huge Youtuber stars, KSI (from England) and Logan Paul, squared off in a boxing match. When most people think about boxing mixed with Youtubers, you would think there wouldn’t be any interest–but the opposite ended up being true. The event pulled record numbers on their pay-per-view option (which was priced around $10) and even reported 2 million pirated streams on top of the hundreds of thousands of paying fans.

The event pulled in millions of dollars without very much commercial support or belief and the actual boxing match itself ended up being successful and entertaining. From the first bell, you could tell this wasn’t staged in any way–which a lot of viewers might assume from a couple of vloggers. KSI was the favorite to win, having won in a lower scale boxing match overseas about a year prior. Logan quickly turned those hopefuls into doubters by controlling the match and landing punches you could feel through the screen. The lack of stamina in the later rounds proved these two seriously gave this match their all.

That first boxing match in England ended in a draw, which left a bad taste in the mouths of fans around the world. But of course, this is show business, so that draw has since been leading up to a highly-anticipated rematch. Negotiations on the second fight stalled for about a year, most likely due to all the new parties interested in the thought of Youtube boxing and maximizing every opportunity for the duo. Luckily, all of these negotiations were finally solved and today, we receive some concrete details about the rematch.

The fight will take place on November 9th in Los Angeles at the world-famous Staples Center. But this time–there’s no headgear. Good luck to KSI, but his beer belly and Logan’s obsession with constantly training seems to give him a slim chance of obtaining a victory in Lebron’s house.


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