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Trans Woman Alleges Malik Yoba Solicited Sex When She was 13 And 16

New York Under Cover actor Malik Yoba has denied hefty allegations he’s a child predator with a now-deleted freestyle.

A trans woman named Mariah Lopez Ebony made the allegation in a Facebook post that Yoba solicited sex from her when she was merely 13 and 16-years-old. Allegations surfaced from Ebony after Yoba revealed he was “trans attracted” and was applauded for his honesty.

“For all who applaud and solute [sic] Malik Yoba for revealing he is so called ‘Trans Attracted,’ understand that either because of deeper issues he has or, because of ‘society’ pushing him and others to deep, dark places, his admission to being sexually attracted to trans women, is bound to open a Pandora’s box for him; not because the women are Trans, but because many of the trans women he engaged in sexual exploration and exploitation with on 14th Street, Times Square and elsewhere, were minors, including myself.

And I don’t give a F-CK who doesn’t believe me or feels I’m trying to ride a wave!

There is a trend of men of color being embraced by the Queer community, for liking Trans women, despite overwhelming evidence of character flaws……glaring signs that sex addiction, substance abuse; unchecked mental health issues and inner demons are what drive men to the bungee jumping of sex; F*CKIN or SUCKIN a Trans person.

That’s not love. Period.

What Malik paid me to do, as a 13 and 16 year old, wasn’t  love.

His ignoring that I was clearly a child prostitute, wasn’t love.

Paying for cheap thrills and secret orgasms; begging for unsafe, unprotected sex from a runaway Trans teen, while enjoying stardom as a successful artist and business man ….isn’t love.”


In response, Yoba released a freestyle denying Ebony’s claims. It’s been deleted, but there are the lyrics he rapped, according to Page Six.

“How quickly people love to spread news/With no proof of child abuse/You confuse, I see you/You choose to try to make me lose/But I can’t/If you try to stand in my shoes/You would lose.” And, “You can’t win when you live in sin … At the beginning, I told you there was the word/And the word said we would love/And we would love each other/No matter what, you my sister, my brother/Whether you be a trans man or a trans woman.” He revealed, “Yes, this is a freestyle.”

Yoba’s denial of soliciting a child sex worker didn’t stop there. He also denied it in a clip with Claudia Jordan. Swipe to hear it.


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