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Fetty Wap Hosts Medusa Lounge

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Fetty Wap Hints That Alexis Skyy’s Daughter Isn’t Biologically His

There’s some pettiness going on between Fetty Wap and Alexis Skyy for the 1738th time. As previously reported rumors swirled that Fetty’s ex-girlfriend Alexis Skyy “lied” about the paternity of her child and her daughter was actually the offspring of her “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” costar Solo Lucci, who fueled the rumors himself.

Alexis was “humiliated” by the rumor and put an end to it by showing the results of a negative paternity test.

She captioned the now-deleted post;

“I have been humiliated, I have been disrespected, i have been harassed non f—ing stop about not knowing who my child’s father all because of Michael Dorsey AKA Solo Lucci continuing to spread this lie. I have been bullied nonstop, but TODAY this s— ENDS.”
“I have never not known who my child’s father is,” Skyy added. “Ive been thru so much s— because of this. I have been called every disgraceful, disrespectful, hurtful word in the book. & It’s a shame that I had to go out of my way JUST to prove this to society what I BEEN telling everyone.”


Fetty Wap Hosts Medusa Lounge

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Now however there’s more paternity drama afoot and Fetty Wap is at the center of it. Fetty was on Instagram Live this weekend and hinted that Alexis’ daughter Alaiya “Lai Lai” Grace is NOT biologically his. After speaking on being there for Lai Lai’s birth and adding that he’ll always love her, Fetty told fans that he doesn’t feel a “biological” obligation to her.

I’mma always love Lai Lai, I was there when she was born, I was there for her doctor’s appointments, me and her mother fell out but that ain’t got nothing to do with the baby,” said Wap.
“When I feel like I want to be there, I’m going to be there. I’m gonna help. But as far as me going above my boundaries – nah. If it was biological with me, then it would be different.”


Alexis has replied to Fetty Wap’s petty Instagram Live, hit the flip.



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