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Iggy Azalea Wendy Williams

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Iggy Azalea Vs. Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams is not one to mince words. So when she went on her show to talk about Nicki Minaj, she mentioned Iggy Azalea, but referred to her as “the Australian girl with the fake body.” Yiiikes.

This prompted Iggy to clap back on Twitter with this zinger:

“Who’s the crack head in the halfway house with the gossip show thing?”

Now, we get the intention here, to clap back. However, a white woman talking about crackheads? We don’t know about that one, chief. See how Twitter is reacting and whose side you’re on:

Iggy calling Wendy a “crackhead in a half way house”

Damn Iggy just spazzed on Wendy

“Wendy vs Iggy is like a competition on who is the worst. But one of them has done massive amounts of drugs while still heading hugely successful radio & tv shows….the other one callled herself a runaway slave master…”

“Iggy after she called Wendy a crackhead for the 50th time”

Iggy dragging ms Wendy Williams on the tl… omg she deserve it but I love ms Wendy 😭

“I’m not gonna lie and don’t @ me azaleans but the way Iggy talked about Wendys drug addiction was extremely rude. idk much about that wendy girl and I know she insulted iggy but making fun of that is just sh***y.

sorry not sorry but I don’t always agree with my faves.”

“That was not even necessary. Wendy ain’t even go in on her. And wasn’t Iggy just online crying about how she doesn’t go to award shows cuz of being publicly ridiculed? And look at what’s she’s doing”

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“* IGGY….sis?

I can’t believe you tried to come for Wendy for only remembering you for the plastic surgery! ARE YOU KIDDING ME??”

“You: iggy Azaelia and Wendy Williams are in some sort of conflict. Which team are you on?


“After Iggy’s first album, wasn’t nobody waiting on her next album. Hell, people didn’t start liking Iggy until recently. So what was wrong about what Wendy said?”


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