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Chick-Fil-A Drive-Thru Is Now Ranked As The Slowest Among Competitors

Throughout the entire summer, that now-famous Popeyes chicken sandwich stole the shine from the beloved Chick-fil-A, not giving it any room to breathe. The fast-food chain even tried to grab the attention of consumers by adding a new menu item with mac & cheese, which garnered some mixed reviews. Now it seems like even more bad news is has made its way to the Chick-Fil-A brand.

According to reports from WSBTV in Atlanta, anonymous shoppers conducted testing across the board of big fast food chains to rank them in several different categories. While Chick-fil-A easily dominated when it came to rankings for friendliest, most accurate, and busiest compared to its competition, they dropped to LAST in one major category.

The popular chicken chain came in dead last in drive thru times, with the slowest wait times among fast food joints. Wait time for the study was calculated from the time you order till the time you actually receive your order, and the GSR Drive-Thru study showed that the chicken chain’s drive thru times grew over a minute this summer.

“Chick-fil-A’s average time hit five minutes and 23 seconds, nearly 40 seconds longer than McDonald’s, which had the next-slowest time of 10 chains audited.”

To be completely honest, this is not a good look for Chick-fil-A–but if you expect anyone to stop eating there over this, we would warn you not to hold your breath. When news spreads that their drive-thru times are getting longer, we wouldn’t be surprised if Chick-fil-A adds a free 12 count to your app just to say sorry. That’s how they get you.



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