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Cory Booker Reads Rosario Dawson 250 Page Books Over The Phone Before Bed

Cory Booker is in the midst of running for President Of The United States, so it’s safe to say his time is very limited for outside activities. Just last month reports surfaced that if he didn’t raise another almost $2 million dollars he would be out the race altogether.

Luckily for the Presidential hopeful, he was present for the latest Democratic debate this week, proving he secured that $2,000,000. Even with the difficult task at hand and campaign financial woes, it looks like Senator Booker still finds time to tend to his boo Rosario Dawson.

During her latest profile for the Washington Post , we learn that not only is he finding the time, but he’s finding a whole lot of it. In the profile, she opens up about her love life and gives some insight into their year-old romance, such as pet names–stating that he calls her “RIB.”

Obviously, that’s an ode to the bible, but it’s also what her initials would be if she decides to take his last name (we see you, smooth talker). Dawson also shared that they love being those annoying vegans who tell everyone that they’re vegan for no reason other than to be obnoxious. However, the biggest highlight and the piece that’s since gone viral is the fact that Cory “Whats in the Kool-aid” Booker hits Rosario on the FaceTime to read 250-page historical books to her.

To quote the Post piece:

“Dawson says they went two months without seeing each other. But they’ve made up for it with FaceTime, which they try to do twice a day. He’s gotten in the habit of sending her music every morning, and he just finished reading David Benioff’s World War II novel “City of Thieves” to her over the phone.”

In theory, the sentiment is very cute, but “romantic” may be a stretch. The novel takes over 5 hours to read aloud and the content is set during World War II. As The Cut pointed out, this ain’t even the first time he’s done this for a love interest, which he said on record previously.

In a 2016 interview with the New York Times, Booker talked about his then-current girlfriend and their relationship, saying:

“Before I knew it, we were reading the book out loud to each other, over the phone, and I was drawn in. “Soon we were reading chapters on our own, and she was telling me to slow down and not get too far ahead.”

When Dawson dropped this cute little tidbit, she was probably unaware he had previously said this in a profile to gain those good guy points…but about a different woman. It’s one thing to listen your boo read a book to you over the phone, but it’s an entirely different feeling when its a World War II novel–then you find out he does this for all of his girls.

Hopefully, these two make more time to spend together so they can avoid FaceTime dates in the form of novels altogether.


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