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Pamela Long Speaks Candidly About Ex-Husband Jamie Long, Alleges Lies & Abuse

Pamela Long has had ENOUGH of the back and forth between her and her ex-husband Jamie Long, Cynotia Brown‘s current husband, going on in the media. The saved singer took to Facebook on her own podcast to set the record straight about the happenings and alleged lies that occurred in her 3-year marriage.

Previously we reported that Pam said Jamie was ‘diabolical’ and ‘manipulative’ after she learned he married Cyntoia Brown while she was in prison. In her podcast, Pam says it was a red flag because Jamie also tracked her down on twitter when they first met.

Now Pam says recently Jamie sent out an email, allegedly full of lies, and before they spread she seemingly sets them all straight.

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Pam Long Exposes Jamie Long For Alleged Lies

She starts with Jamie allegedly lying about why she was working a White Castle when they first met.

“There was a story that came out from my ex-husband Jamie Long. It was an email from his camp that was sent and it was the most horrific lie. It was so strategically put together… to try to bring a couple things I went through in my life… even when I worked at White Castle. It was put together as if when he met me, this was where I was in my life, which in fact was not so.

It also entailed when I worked at a place called MTF, and yes I did work at White Castle by choice. When you…give your life to the lord, there are some things you don’t that you have. I said to God, ‘I need you to humble me’. I had people called me “will you come do this show for $5,000? My response was ‘no’.”

In Pam’s 20 plus minutes of detailing her ex marriage, she alleged that Jamie tricked her into moving to Alabama, saying they were driving to Atlanta.

“He also said that in our marriage that I lived in my mother’s basement. Which in fact, I didn’t just live there, he did as well too. You came from Texas and you moved up here, and you lived with me in my mother’s basement until you lied to me and told me we was going to Atlanta and we wound up in Alabama as we drove past Atlanta and I looked up and said, ‘Atlanta right there.’ And he said, ‘Just a little further.’ Two hours later we make a stop… You remember when I said I wasn’t living there right? Oh you don’t? You got amnesia? I’m sure you do so let me remind you what you said to me, and how I was like, ‘I’m not living here’ and how I cried at your brother’s place. Finally, of course, I stayed because I was married to you.”

She also hints at him being abusive with:

“How about the man that forces himself on women? Do you remember that night? You wanna go there, but I don’t think you want to talk about you. Hook me up to any machine…”

In her testimony, Pam also reveals Jamie allegedly labeled her gay, which she denies.

Press play at the 32 minute mark to hear where the allegations start.

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