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Hooters Is Being Sued For Not Selling Any Braille Gift Cards

The whole “hooters” part of going to a Hooters restaurant has kinda worn off in recent years, and now, people mostly visit the chain for some good wings–so it’s no surprise that customers who can’t even see the original appeal of the restaurant still want to eat there.

Now, a legally blind man is suing Hooters over the fact that none of its restaurants offer braille gift cards.

According to reports from TMZ, Macros Calcano recently filed the lawsuit on behalf of individuals with vision impairments across the country. He says this whole ordeal began when he wanted to buy a gift card, but was discouraged because the famous chain does not offer any with braille.

Calcano explained that adding the writing system for the blind is not difficult for companies like Hooters to implement and that being allowed to purchase the cards “would restore the dignity to blind persons.” Hooters doesn’t seem to eager to solve Calcano’s problem, though. The lawsuit said that Hooters told the man that the restaurant simply does not sell gift cards with braille. The same seems to be the case with Domino’s Pizza, because Calcono filed a lawsuit against them, too.

As of now, Starbucks Coffee is the only major retail store to offer the cards–but if Calcano is successful, other companies may begin to offer braille gift cards in the future.

From a business standpoint, it would make sense for Hooters (and other companies) to want as wide an audience as possible to be able to spend money with them. Ya know, beside it just being the right thing to do.

Hopefully we see more companies roll out gift cards with braille on them sometime soon.



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