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Sheryl Underwood

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“The Talk” Co-Host Sheryl Underwood Celebrates Birthday + BOSSIP Interview

Happy Birthday wishes to friend to BOSSIP, Sheryl Underwood! The popular co-host on CBS’ “The Talk” turned 56 this Monday and we thought we’d share some things we learned about her when we interviewed her at the start of the daytime show’s 10th season.

The Talk

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She’s A Longtime Fan Of Fellow Co-Host Marie Osmond

I watched “The Donnie and Marie” show. I remember when Marie had the Dorothy Hamill haircut and she would wear two different shoes and an asymmetrical shirt. I was very militant, very pro-black, but I loved the Osmonds. They were a singing family just like the Debarges were a singing family and the Jacksons were a singing family.. The Sylvers a singing family, The BeeGees a singing family. So to meet Marie Osmond first, she’s been nothing but nice to me. She’s very spiritual because she’s Mormon. She’s so nice. For her to have all these years in the business, to have her at this table with Sharon Osbourne. I never thought I’d be kicking it with Sharon Osbourne. You know you watched the Osbournes. I want to see the dynamic of Eve with Marie, with Sharon and with Carrie Ann.

You know that Marie has never had a drink? I’m so proud of her, because I cannot give up Ciroc. Listen French Vanilla! Pour it over some clean peaches, you’ll love it! Man, listen, stop playing with me.

When you talk about season 10, I came on Season 2, that means I’ve been there for 9 seasons, can you believe it? We disagree sometimes – but it’s how we disagree. It’s respectful.

Sheryl Underwood

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She’s Big On Giving Back:

I do this for the culture and I want our people to understand I’m going to use this platform to do some good — like I’m going to get out in these streets to talk about why we have to not just register to vote but get our church vans and drive souls to the polls. The world will listen to me because I’m on the number one network, CBS. We’re not just about entertaining, we’re about using the platform to change lives. The reason I was on tour [this summer] is I’m pushing the census and voter registration. Voter disenfranchisement is happening and Stacy Abrams can tell you all about how that happens. It starts by doing good in the neighborhood by having town hall meetings to stars and it culminates in August 2020 with a march that will be a reenactment of the March on Washington. The March for Jobs and Freedom, a historical recreation of the 1963 March on Washington. We’re going to run it through HBCU campuses so young people can get to know why there was a march. We’re going to tell everyone how it happened, why it happened and who put it together. The reason I want to do it now is I think we need something symbolic to show we’re coming together and for young people to feel the feeling that was felt in 63.

There are days when I’m not at my best spiritually, and I ask the Lord to take that from me, but I try to get up everyday and talk to everybody like I’m talking to Jesus, even though me and Jesus have some really good straight conversations.

I like the fact that on “The Talk” you will see my straight hair, synthetic hair, gray hair, braids… I just want us to be the show that helps other women’s dreams come true. And dudes too…

Sheryl Underwood

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She Doesn’t Do Scary Movies, Or Have Netflix!

I watch TV in odd ways. I don’t watch anything that involves the devil or anybody getting cut up real bad. That scares me, I can’t sleep at night. Like I’m not watching that movie — what’s that called, with the clown in the sewer? I’m not watching that. I’m not watching that. I watch Cedric’s [the Entertainer] show, “The Neighborhood”. I don’t have Netflix. I think Netflix is going to trick me. As soon as they get my $13 it’s going to go up to $165 like regular cable. I’m scared of stuff like that.

I’m a Dave Chappelle fan from way back. Dave Chappelle helped me with my career. I lover “Saturday Night Live.” I did not want Leslie Jones to quit. I wanted her to stay there, especially with Eddie Murphy coming to host. That would have been fire for her to do a sketch with Eddie Murphy.

I watch a lot of news, CNN, MSNBC and I watch Fox to see what they be talking about, like ‘y’all trippin.’ And I watch “Empire” and I’m mad they canceled “Star.” Lee Daniels, I need you to put “Star,” inside of “Empire” and have a four hour special.

Sheryl Underwood

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She Never Expected So Many Headlines About Her “Queens Of Comedy” Conference Call Story

The time that I told the story about dialing into the call with the other Queens of Comedy — Mo’Nique wasn’t part of them then, she had left to do her own thing, and remember when I had dialed into the call, and they were talking about me. I had got a call from someone, someone in their camp was saying ‘I can get you on the Queens of Comedy.’ Then one of the producers was like ‘Sheryl, we have to go back out, do you want to do the Queens of Comedy tour?’ I told them I would do the call. I’m used to doing conference calls so I dial in the call thinking I’m going to be in queue, I’m going to be held in place until the call starts, no one came on to say announce yourself, sometimes you hear the music, I didn’t hear none of that, all I heard was they were talking about me, and Lord, sorry for blaming you for this if it wasn’t you, but I thought the Lord had paralyzed my finger that I couldn’t come off mute and say ‘I hear y’all.’ I think God wanted me to hear that whole conversation, so I could get myself together, because sometimes you don’t know how people feel about you and while you don’t want your feelings hurt, they could be feeling a way – and it may be wrong, it may be right, but you might need to hear it because it’s blocking your blessing. That went all over the world. That’s the thing that really made me feel like was I clear enough to say Sommore, Adele, Laura Hayes because you straightened me out and put me on the path of where God wanted me to go – which was “The Talk” — he didn’t want me to be on the “Queens of Comedy”. He also wanted me to learn you can be better toward people, so of the two things, the natural hair situation.

Here’s to another successful year! Make sure you tune in to “The Talk” weekdays on CBS.


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